Capes For Women To Try This Fall

This is not a joke, capes are back in fashion with vengeance! Why? They are here to replace your beloved coats. Yes, you heard me right, capes are new coats this season and you better know how to wear them. I see nothing wrong in this trend, as they look f%^king amazing! I see lots of women who adore capes and this trend makes a huge splash these months and they are really cool in the terms of your investment! Yes, this is a timeless outerwear piece that will serve you for many years.

Capes For Women (1)

Everyone’s adore capes and I know why! They look tremendously chic and elegant. It feels like the 1970’s fashion is back. You know, fashion is a cyclical thing where trends come back every 10 years with just a slight change in details. This year they are uber polished, casual, dramatic and somewhat boho chic. In the past year’s capes were used by girls for casual walks, but nowadays we see capes on business women, editors, designers and other ladies. These outerwear pieces can be worn in different ways, all depends on the cape’s design. Short capes are the easiest styles in terms of wearing, as they can be mixed and matched with pretty much anything from your closet. They look awesome with jeans, suits trousers, stilettos and casual boots. The mid length capes are great for creating polished looks, think of a sexy LBD or tight dress with heels and statement jewelry worn under the cape. You can also use pencil skirt with a lightweight blouse to underline your elegance during office hours.

A maroon velvet cape in extra long silhouette ideally suits black tee tucked in a rich blue quilted skirt, finish this outfit with Wayfarer sunglasses and maroon boots. If you want to create a more fabulous look, then go for a long white cape-coat and wear it over brown shirt-dress paired with a sexy pair of brown leather OTK boots:

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Rich blue cape coat looks awesome worn over fuchsia shirtdress, but you can go for a graphic print cape in oversized fit or keep things classy with a black colored cape coat:

Capes For Women (3)

A hooded cape coat in oversized design matches all office looks! How about wearing a camel colored cape? Just drape it over white shirt tucked in black shorts:

Capes For Women (4)

Every cape is a must-try! Go for a beige colored design and team it with a wide-brim black hat. Use a knitted version for chilly fall season months:

Capes For Women (5)

Some like cropped capes. Here we see a hooded version worn over black separates, but you can go for an oversized long design, just to underline your uniqueness:

Capes For Women (6)

Capes For Women (7)

Capes For Women (8)

Capes For Women (9)

Capes For Women (10)

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Retro inspired capes are the best ones, as you can easily dress them up and down:

Capes For Women (12)

A light green version in a tailored fit looks awesome over gray turtleneck teamed with black shorts and dark blue pumps. Or go for a black draped version and layer it over khaki green dress:

Capes For Women (13)

Capes For Women (14)

Capes For Women (15)

Extra long capes look like a vampire attire. They are dangerous, dramatic and gorgeous at the same time! But they look really awesome and fabulous with all kind of dresses and separates. I love to wear bulky clothes underneath, as I don’t have to worry about the way I look. So, what are your personal thoughts about capes anyway, tell me in the comments below.

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