Can You Wear Slippers To Work During Summertime

Who’s wearing slides to work, raise up your hands so I can see you! If you are doing this, then I am happy for you, as you are doing everything right way! I know many of you cry to wear stiletto heels during working hours, but what is better: a sexy look or a comfortable outfit? We have a situation here, darling! It’s a huge dilemma for women who try to stay feminine during their work. For the past decade, we can wear whatever we want, but the business etiquette isn’t changing drastically. We still have to think about office-appropriate clothes and ways how to make it look professional. Theoretically, we can wear slippers to work, but you have to make things look harmonious and make them look office friendly. Your work attire has to be professional, clean and smart. Of course, lots of things depend on your job and working environment.

This look is ideal for Fridays. Go for a sleeveless top in black color and pair it with skinny wash blue jeans. Complete this combination with a pair of black leather slides, shoulder bag, and statement black sunglasses.

During Summertime it’s pretty hard to walk in heels, that’s where slides come in to help you out! When it’s pretty hot outside and all you think about is lying on the beach, you definitely want to go barefoot! That’s the moment when slippers are the best shos you can actually wear in the office! Slipper slides might look ugly, but they are kinda cool. Today’s fashion offers polished versions which look smart and professional. I call them flat mules. You can find slides in different shapes, like brogues/loafers/ballet flats with a bare backside, as well as chunky flat sandals and mules with open back. Still, there are cool versions of classic slides from Adidas and Nike colored in neutral dark hues which can look pretty awesome with power suits.

Underline your femininity with this cute white peasant dress. Add black Wayfarers and classy leather slides:

If you work in a less formal environment, then I guess the best choice might be black overalls with a cream-gray T-shirt and criss-cross slides:

Keep it more casual and boyfriend inspired with knee-ripped jeans, mohair sweater, and white slides:

You can underline your ladylike spirit by teaming black blazer with white lightweight dress and black leather criss-cross slides:

A kind of athleisure touch is felt in this look. We see a gray polo shirt tucked in a navy skirt. The outfit is complemented with a pair of leopard print slides and mini straw tote bag:

In love with these slipper shoes in the shape of loafers. Black leather looks insanely hot! Add jeans to complete this footwear:

Some women keep it simple and basic! They choose silken black tank tops paired with black-white zebra print midi skirts and Birkenstock slides:

Which slides are your favorite in this street style picture:

All white look is updated with this cute black leather criss-cross slides:

Speaking of clothes you can wear with slipper slides to work, then you can make things look more relaxed and experiment with your professional essentials. Slides come in different looks, starting from polished and sleek versions to opulent and luxe designs. Choose the ones which can work well with the whole outfit. I personally go for monochromatic looks, when the overall look is colored in the same hue. So, keep an eye on a simple and sleek pair of slides which are actually the right ones to wear to work!

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