Butt Ripped Jeans Trend

In this article, I want to share with you butt ripped jeans look. This trend has migrated from Instagram to the streets and it’s no wonder why, it looks SEXY! Of course, not many of you will risk to copy the same style next week, but it does look horny! If you do want to try it, then I highly recommend to choose cut wisely! You do need a pair of cool jeans with a well placed under-butt cut! It is important to find a style which doesn’t harm your overall look.

Now, who can wear such jeans? How old you should be to start and stop wearing this trend? Is it appropriate to wear such denim on the streets? So, my first answer is: THIS IS A VERY INDIVIDUAL LOOK, so you have to be brave, you will need a nice butt and confidence to try it out. So, women in 20, 30 and even in 40’s can wear such look. If you want to draw attention and make everyone stare at you, then this is a perfect choice so far. If you work in a bank and try to look more professional, then you better forget and skip it!

How can you do the butt ripped jeans trend? All you need is to have a pair of jeans and create a cut under the butt, simple as one, two, three! All depends on how much attention you want to receive, if you just want to show your respect to such trend, then you better create a small cut under, if you want to dip into this trend, go for a big rip! Anyway, you can find cool jeans in branded shops where this cut is already done.

You are free to wear such jeans with pretty much anything, starting from cool T-shirts to dressy blouses and sweaters. I do like to see babes who appear on the streets wearing butt-ripped jeans with off-shoulder tops and bodysuits completed with cool sneakers or sandals. You can add glamor touch by adding stiletto heels so you look hot and special. The result can look sexy, cool and relaxed.

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