Blankets, Ponchos, Capes Are Back On The Streets This 2018

Blankets, capes, and ponchos are back and you better know how to make them look awesome on the streets! In today’s blog post I want you to take a close-up look through these marvelous outfit ideas you all can try this 2018.

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A cape jacket is a sleeveless outerwear garment that drapes woman’s back, arms, and chest with a fastening around the neck. A poncho can be worn during the day and night. This layering can be styled with skinnies, boyfriend jeans, and flares. You are free to style it as a coat or blazer. I personally like it for that special elegant touch that differs capes from other layers. Sure, everything depends on the ways how you gonna style them, but I recommend to dress them up with smart-casual clothes. Keep it simple or go for a super glam look that is both chic and sophisticated. If you do like classics, then a cape is a great choice so far! Cape looks awesome with OTK boots, short skirt and light blouse. The result looks fancy and preppy.

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A poncho is another pretty layering piece that gives you a very special look, making you stand out from the crowd. It can be complemented with a belt, scarf or opened. This garment can be quite intimidating, as they can easily become unflattering, bulky and too casual. I personally like them for a cozy fabric and comfortable fit. If you want to wear them without any strap or belt, then keep the whole outfit in one color scheme. It can look cute if you layer poncho over a dress with sexy high boots. By the way, you can wear a super long poncho as a dress. I personally suggest you buy a smaller, fitted poncho if you don’t want to create an oversized look. Ponchos are ideal for creating boho inspired outfits. I also love those chunky knit designs that can look both chic and sophisticated.

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A blanket is cool, chic and warm. It’s no wonder why they become this Winter’s must-haves. There are tons of different ways how to tie a blanket scarf, but I love adding a belt or create a simple scarf fold. To get the best inspiration for how to wear blankets, I turned to some of my favorite street style looks. To my surprise, there are many creative ideas how to make this layering look great on you. It’s trendy and warm at the same time. You can either keep it loose, keep it belted, create a perfect triangle, make a sweater look, etc.

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The cape/ poncho look is nothing new, but there are so many ways how to make this layering appear special, sophisticated and chic. Some of you find this garment quite challenging to wear, but I’ve got cool street style outfit ideas that can easily give you the perfect inspiration. Sure, it can make you look slouchy, but there is something French chic in this look.

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