Birkenstocks For Women That Are Must-Try In Summer 2018

Let’s talk about Birkenstocks! This footwear is a must-try for next Summer 2018. If you are obsessed with fashion and comfort, then you definitely should give these shoes a try next year. I’ll be honest with you, birks look pretty ugly and old-fashioned, but they are super popular right now, so why should we give these shoes a try, anyway? The normcore look still goes up and is pretty massive, so everyone wants to give this style a try. Birkenstocks are the shoes for making a real impression on the streets, or wherever you are heading to. The funny thing is that apparently, everyone bought this footwear, but not all really know how to wear it. No worries, I am here to share with you stunning outfit ideas you all can copy in real life.

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Would you go normcore? I definitely would give it a try. Think of mom jeans, a basic T-shirt and 1990’s inspired accessories completed with ugly shoes, like Birkenstocks. These shoes are ideal for self-confident women, who don’t give a crap about what other people say about their style. Sure, it takes a certain mood and attitude, that’s why you better set yourself for creating a cool look. I personally think of clashing styles when I see these shoes in real life. It’s like mixing 1990’s grunge with a classic French girl.

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I love to see them styled with office outfits. Imagine yourself wearing all white or all black suit complemented with Birks. Looks awesome! But this is not the only look you can create with Birkenstocks, think of sporty separates, slouchy denim, crop tops, skinnies, Bermudas, all sort of dresses, etc. I would not recommend wearing Birks abroad as a tourist, this will only make you look like a 50-year-old German granny. Birkenstocks are part of fashion and you can hate or like them, but they are here to stay for a quite long time. You should certainly have the right mood and attitude before trying them on your feet. They look great with spaghetti strap slipdresses and wide-brim hats, as well as with ripped jeans and biker jackets, track pants and simple tees, as well as in all black or all white outfits. So, would you give this footwear a try?

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