Best Suede Outfit Ideas

Today I am about to show you my favorite Suede is more than just an ordinary fabric. It’s an incredibly versatile material that can be used for underlining your boho or hippie style or keeping things look cowboy inspired. In other words saying, suede blends with any outfit. It can easily make you appear retro sophisticated and easily stand-out from the crowd. If you do want to create an understated glamorous outfit, then you definitely should add suede! Make it look 1970’s, 80’s or 90’s inspired. Read on to find out more.

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For me, this fabric takes us back in 1970’s fashion, think of suede trench coats, suede cowboy jackets embellished with fringes, suede knee length skirts, suede boots, etc. You can go for brown, nude or taupe color and make it work with everyday clothes, sophisticated office outfits or with evening style garments. I know many women who keep their looks 1990’s inspired by adding high-waisted suede A-line mini skirts, or 90’s style suede jackets.

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I personally advise you to mix up every decade creating something new, cool and ladylike. You can go for a slightly glamorous and feminine style by adding sexy details and embellishments. This fabric is the one that makes you feel comfy and uber feminine at the same time. I do recommend to give a try to suede dresses with high slits and V-plunging necklines, this is something that makes every lady look incredibly special and feels like a second skin.

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If you are not ready to be fully covered in suede, then you can start from suede ankle boots or sexy thigh high boots in gray, black, or nude. I am so in love with one particular look that features black suede OTK boots teamed with a black lace slip-on dress and oversized pastel blue sweater with a slouchy turtleneck. Once you know how to wear footwear, then you can go for a suede bag. I personally skipped accessories and bought myself a nice suede skirt embellished with fringes. The design of such skirt is uber sexy and makes its wearer look individual. I am definitely a big fan of this fabric, so why don’t you give it a try?

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