Best Overalls For Women To Wear In 2018

Should you wear overalls or not, this question depends on you. I am here to show you interesting and trendy ways how to wear them in real life on the streets or special occasions. In this collection, you are going to find out tips and tricks how to wear overalls fashionably, what tops and shirts to wear under, and how to style them right in 2018.

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Almost every woman is afraid to look like a farmer or a little child while sporting overalls. First of all, you need to find overalls with a good fit. Don’t go for slouchy and oversized styles, until you know how to balance the overall look and what layers you should add in order to keep your outfit functional and good-looking. Sure, this onesie outfit is not trendy anymore, but the cool vibe remains, as I still see women on the streets looking great in overalls.

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If you are a beginner to overalls world, then you better start from classics, like denim. Those of you who are intermediates can give a try to leather styles. Yes, you heard me right, leather overalls are on the rise and I am 100% sure they are going to stay in fashion for a quite long time. Their spirit is edgy, but they still have a kind of sweet touch due to their onesie look.

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So, what are the main differences in overalls if we speak about this and last year street looks? The main differences can be spotted in cuts, more bold designs are spotted this year. Stay away from boyfriend’s and choose more fitted cuts, keep things edgy. You can update overalls with sneakers, heels, sandals and classic pumps. If you want to use overalls during chilly weather days, then be sure to add layers, like knitwear and jackets. Speaking of tops you can layer under overalls, then I would recommend giving a try to bustier tops, crop tops, as well as classic button-down shirts.

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Why do women still love this garment so much? It’s comfortable, more stylish than a basic pair of jeans, they are ideal for women who had big lunch lately, as well as for pregnant women. You might think this look is great to wear in your everyday life routine, but you better think twice, as they are cool for night outs, all you need is to add heels, sexy crop top or a lightweight blouse. I personally think of the 1990’s fashion when I see overalls on the streets. There is nothing bad in such look, as we all want to look special and creative. You are free to make overalls look stylish, just need to know how to pull them right. Scroll down to see the rest of my favorite ways on how to wear overalls in real life.

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You need to add feminine accessories to your overalls, this will help you look fun and fresh. Before adding additional accessories and jewelry make sure you keep things simple and classy. Speaking of layers, then I recommend to add a basic neutral color top, once you know how things work, you are free to pair overalls with printed shirts. The top layers can be either a kimono, denim jacket for creating a double denim look, leather jacket, bomber, coat or trench coat. Speaking of shoes, then it can be all sort of heels, sneakers, flats or wedges.

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