Best Bikinis For Sunbaths

You still have time for sunbaths and I am here to share with you best bikinis for tanning. No matter if you spend your summer at the sea or near the pool, you can still have your skin bronzed! If it happened so that you are fashion addict and want to look super trendy under the sun, then you are a lucky one, as I will show you the best swimwear trends to follow this year.

Bikinis For Tanning (1)

A simple black bikini set made of crochet. It looks feminine, pretty basic, but incredibly functional.

Frankly speaking, the best bikini is the one with tiny strings, so you have a better tan. Sure, there are cool One-piece styles, high-waisted ones, one-piece bodysuits, but they all are great only for Pinterest or beach walks and pool or roof parties. This year we see a comeback of 1980’s high thong, string bikinis, and bottoms with tiny straps. Of course, if we speak about real life situation, I recommend wearing only those designs what make you look good and happy. Nevertheless, string bikinis are the best for tanning! The tiny strings can be moved up and down for a better tan and this style can make you look like a real 80’s chic lady. Speaking of colors and prints, then my personal advice is to give a try to one color designs, or color-blocking. I do love to play with my swimwear by mixing and matching my bottoms with tops. It’s so easy to mix and it makes you feel very special. So, what are you waiting for? Go and find yourself a new location for sunbaths and shop for your favorite bikini!

Which one of these bikinis is your favorite? An orange one or bandeau pink version:

Bikinis For Tanning (2)

A printed style with tiny strings is always fun to wear during hot Summer days:

Bikinis For Tanning (4)

Bikini with strings in black color. An ideal choice for pool parties:

Bikinis For Tanning (5)

Scuba inspired bikini set in black color. Looks pretty chic and sporty:

Bikinis For Tanning (6)

Another swimsuit with skinny strings in pastel yellow color:

Bikinis For Tanning (7)

Wanna have fun? Go for a mismatched bikini set with a black top and white bottoms:

Bikinis For Tanning (8)

Pastel pink bikini complemented with cool aviator sunglasses. By the way, did you see my post about swimwear trends for real women? If not, then you definitely should take a look and see what’s trending right now:

Bikinis For Tanning (9)

Nude top and white bottoms. The result looks pretty fabulous:

Bikinis For Tanning (10)

Red colored set with strings looks very 1980’s inspired:

Bikinis For Tanning (11)

Blush colored swimwear with skinny straps:

Bikinis For Tanning (12)

Bikinis For Tanning (13)

Bikinis For Tanning (14)

These photo collages are gathered for your one and only inspiration:

Bikinis For Tanning (15)

Bikinis For Tanning (16)

Bikinis For Tanning (17)

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