3 Best Office Outfits For Summer

In this article, I want to show you best office outfit ideas for Summer you can recreate with clothes you already have in your closet. I am saying, you don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look like a million dollar babe! A real successful business woman can dress up with pretty simple clothes. You might be stuck in a situation when you feel like you have nothing to wear. It’s normal, as we all get tired of our clothes in a while and feel like we have no clothes to wear. That’s where I come with an advice! Frankly speaking, there is nothing new I can tell you. There are only three styles you should keep an eye on PANTS, SKIRTS, BASIC TOPS, and DRESSES. All these clothes can be jazzed up with trendy stuff like bags, sunglasses, and jewelry.

These skirt styles are tremendously chic and ideal for different offices. You can go for a pencil style with beautiful florals, shortened pencil skirts, dark blue knife-pleated midi versions, cream-nude A-line midi versions. All these designs can be teamed with basic tops and blouses.

We all need a pair of trousers. Pants are essential for Summer office hours. Sure, most of the ladies find these bottoms to be plain and boring, but not for us. Thanks to modern dress code rules, we can actually try on bright pants in funky prints and styles. Yep, you can try on culottes, stretchy pants, cigarette silhouettes, as well the ones with a bit loose-fit shape. These bottoms can be updated with a plain white or black shirt, simple shoes or sandals and a stylish handbag. I recommend to try on a high-waisted pair of pants which are not too tight nor relaxed.

Office pants can be colored in classic neutral hues, but I recommend to try on brightened version. They come in dressy designs, as well as in classic shapes:

All in white? Yes, please! Try this white pantsuit consisting of a white blazer, silken sliptank tucked in high-rise pleated pants:

Wrap dress in maroon color with white florals can work for Fridays. Try this office frock with a classic shaped tote bag and pretty sandals:

That’s a pretty sweet peasant frock in white color completed with cute lace inserts:

Speaking of skirts, they are Summer essentials for weekends and working hours. Sure, you better go for the ones that end around the knees or a few inches above. Of course, you can wear pencil skirts, but Summertime is for a bit casual look, that’s why go for pleated, flirty floral or midi version in classic print or color. They gonna look terrific with simple tops, silken blouses, and bodysuits. If you want to try on a flirty skirt design, then you better keep the neutral color, but classically shaped skirts can be printed in bright colors.

White shirt plus black slim trousers is a nice combination which can be complemented with a black leather tote bag and high-heeled sandals:

Floral print necktie blouse is tucked in dark turquoise high-rise pants. Complete this classic style with nude pumps:

Loose-fit top in cream-white can be tucked in black high-rise trousers. Add black oversized sunglasses and chunky necklace to make this combo look more dressier:

Another all white pantsuit. It looks fabulous completed with a pair of white pointy-toe loafers:

Ruffled white blouse in black polka dots can be tucked in white pencil skirt. The result looks simple and pretty ladylike:

Ribbed knit sleeveless top in white color can be tucked in a cream-gray wrap skirt. The result looks modern and sophisticated. Add lace-up peep-toe sandals to complete this outfit:

A white blouse and knife-pleated skirt is a pretty fabulous combination:

Which one of these dresses is your favorite to try on this Summer:

All kinds of pants are shown in this picture:

The last, but not least is the dress. This is the easiest office clothing staple you can wear to work. It can be complemented with classic shoes, bag, and some jewelry, like a bracelet or a necklace. You are free to try on pencil cut dress in a bright color or print, but I recommend to make things look cool by trying on a tea-length frock or fit-and-flare design. If the dress code in your company is more casual, then you are free to go for shirt-dress or a fitted style. No matter how casual is your company’s dress code, you better avoid spaghetti strap dresses and short hemline designs.

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