Single Earring Jewelry Trend

This trend is fabulous! Why do I love single earring so much? It’s pretty, original and you can mix and match it with so many outfits. Talking about outfits, I’d like to show you some of the best clothing combinations you can try this year. I personally tend to lose one of my earrings every time I am getting ready for parties and the one-earring trend is a savior for me! Anyway, this trend looks fabulous and very special. Trust me, you are going to be in the center of everyone’s attention, once you try this earring for a cocktail party.

2017 Single Earring Trend (1)

What’s the point of two earrings, when we all want to make a statement! Plus, we all got bored of classics, that’s why designers offered us to try something special! This simple addition can spice up any outfit and bring some razzmatazz touch to our everyday outfits. By the way, this is not something new, as we have already seen it in the 80’s. This rebel cheeky earring appeared on Madonna when she rocked Like A Virgin outfits, we saw Janet Jackson with a cool single earring. The style of one earring appeared to be somewhat punk inspired and urban-cool. This is a perfect style statement and everyone is in love with such a fresh look. You are free to choose whatever earring you want, starting from hoops to bold and drop earrings. Everyone is expected to see two earrings and one earring will do its job! Some stylists advice us to go ONLY for statement and massive earrings, but I don’t think you should not limit yourself, experiment and find what really makes you satisfied. Make sure to raise up one side of your hair, so you can easily show-off your pretty earring, go for statement design that falls about your collarbone or past your jaw-line. I personally wear geometric shaped massive earrings, as they can easily make me stand out from the crowd. Below are gathered simple street style outfit ideas you can easily follow this 2017.

Make a wow statement with this lightening earring design! It can be teamed with chunky neckpiece and pink lips. Or you can give a try to cross design earring by wearing it with a brimmed hat and layered tops. I personally like creative designs, so I choose this dangling earring with pearls:

2017 Single Earring Trend (2)

How about a sleek hair with a hoop earring, or go for pearl earring by showing it with a black blazer:

2017 Single Earring Trend (3)

There are lots of statement earrings to wear with formal and casual clothes:

2017 Single Earring Trend (4)

I do like to see women who manage create simple outfit with one earring trend, the result looks simple, but sophisticated:

2017 Single Earring Trend (5)

2017 Single Earring Trend (6)

2017 Single Earring Trend (7)

2017 Single Earring Trend (8)

2017 Single Earring Trend (9)

2017 Single Earring Trend (11)

2017 Single Earring Trend (12)

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