Coachella Fashion Summer Must-Haves

Yes, I have already told you about cool ways how to make Coachella music festival street outfits look great on you in my previous post. This time I want to show you my favorite street style looks you can actually copy in real life. Sometimes you have to let everything go and visit summer festival. Why is it so important? You forget about everyday drama situations, problems at work and with your boyfriend. It’s another world and life, where you don’t stress and have fun! In other words saying, it’s like a dress-up game, where you show off your personality and try to put on all kinds of creative clothes. Below can be found all kinds of cool ideas you can copy this year and have fun on the streets.

Go for a black crop top teamed with frayed blue denim shorts. This combo looks outstanding if you add a cream-beige fedora hat, beige booties, and chiffon maxi sleeveless robe.

If you do like a romantic gypsy style and want to show it on the streets, then you need a boho-glam look! Looking for a boho-glam queen look, then try to mix up different styles, by pairing wide leg pants with sexy bra tops, creative boho hats and chunky jewelry. All you need is to find the perfect balance! This style is all about giving your outfit enough dressy touches and casual vibe.

A sexy halter-neck black romper with an open-back looks pretty chic and ladylike. Add jungle print green headwrap, cool rounded sunglasses and LV printed backpack:

I am so in love with simple clothing combinations. You will need denim bottoms, solid color tops and eye-catching jewelry:

Speaking of simplicity, I recommend giving a try to this blush ruffled mini dress. It can be complemented with black ankle boots and yellow aviator sunglasses:

A touch of Cowboy fashion. Add simple black shirt, blue denim cut-offs, and leather boots:

OMG! Love this double denim outfit that consists of a cropped denim jacket, white bra top, sexy blue denim mini skirt and white sneakers:

Have fun with double leather look consisting of a black bra top and flared black pants:

A sexy touch! We see a black bra top teamed with high-waisted black denim shorts:

You can brighten up your outfit with this shiny silver sequined bra top by teaming it with white pants and white mannish shoes:

Speaking of other cool ways how to wear boho, then I highly recommend to try on Summer sporty vibes. The athleisure and boho styles look surprisingly cool married together. The result is about 1980’s and 1990’s twist that is both edgy and very boho sweet.

If you want to show off your beautiful body, then my advice to you is to try on lingerie and swimwear pieces and wear it as outerwear. Let your body make a move by layering it with sexy swim sets or with a gorgeous lingerie. You will need marvelous bra tops, bodysuits, lace bikinis which can be worn under sheer or chiffon tops, cool cut-offs, skirts, and dresses.

Another brilliant double denim style. A chambray blue crop shirt with bell sleeves is teamed with high-waisted blue denim shorts. Add cream-gray fedora hat, suede shoulder bag with fringes and knee-high brown leather boots:

A touch of vintage 1970’s! We see cropped tops teamed with blue denim shorts. Complete these outfits with cool shades:

Not into sexy combos, then you should try on classic Summer festival outfit. Just make sure it comes with sporty or flirty details, like adding crop tops, sneakers, cool sun visors, sundresses, maxi skirts or trendy palazzo pants.

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