1980’s Fashion Is Back

You better be ready, as the 1980’s are back in fashion! Next year is going to be full of the eighties inspired looks, including tracksuits, aerobic attire, chunky sneakers, big earrings, power suits, metallics, geometric prints, etc. There is no denying, the 80’s is full of kitsch and strong looks mixing femininity with masculinity. I personally like colors from this decade, including purple, pink, green, blue and orange. Anyway, we are here to talk about ways how to implement this decade into modern fashion.

I am not saying you should go wild and try on the same looks that used to be worn back in 80’s, but you can definitely use the right pieces and style to make it work with your modern essentials. So, what are you waiting for, let’s spice things up! You can go for big bold cuts, bright colors and tight clothes. It will express your individuality and make you look free-spirited. Frankly speaking, eighties fashion gives you much room to play with and have fun with your style. Look for broad shoulders clothes, round glasses, fresh activewear, etc. Sure, it can be quite tricky to pull it off, but everything is possible!

An oversized sporty sweatshirt is half-tucked in acid wash blue denim skirt:

Double denim is always in! You will need an oversized denim jacket, white shirt, and blue jeans:

This orange jumpsuit looks a bit oversized, but I love the relaxed touch which makes it very special and ladylike:

A simple tank top can be tucked in gray leggings:

Keep it cool with an oversized jungle floral blazer which can be worn over black top and tucked in light blue denim shorts:

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