Black Leather Jackets To Have Fun With

Yes, we all know what is a leather jacket, but how to make some fun with this outerwear piece? That’s why I decided to share with you intriguing ways how to wear a black leather jacket this year, so you can finally create a unique look. We all have different tastes, but this black outer garment unites us all! This sleek topper can be worn in different ways, just make sure you style it the right way.

Go simple or go home. This look is easy to copy, as you will need a comfy light pink T-dress and black leather jacket. In other words, this is the easiest combo to throw on. Complete it with a pair of pointy-toe heels and edgy accessories. This is not only a chic style but effortlessly cool. Love the GIRL GANG pink color slogan on the back of this black jacket.

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What Pants To Wear In The Summer To Look Trendy

I always wondered why fashion brands don’t advertise pants during the summertime! This clothing staple is functional, the same as skirts and dresses. In today’s blog post we are about to see incredible outfit ideas with all kinds of trousers for Summer season you can actually wear from Mondays to Sundays. Yes, temperatures might rise, but you can still wear these bottoms, all you need is to choose the ones made of breezy fabrics.

Make your outfit look as sexy as possible! Go for black culottes and pair them with a black lace bra top. Complete this combo with a pair of black leather heeled sandals and a quilted black leather clutch.

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Plain White T-Shirt Looks To Copy This Summer

Let your summer season become the best time of the year! In this collection are gathered stylish ways how to make a plain white T-shirt look great with all your favorite warm season clothes. Sure, the easiest outfit is the one which consists white top, blue jeans and a pair of Chuck Taylors, but we are here for trendy ideas, so I highly recommend to take a close-up look at these simple looks you can copy this year.

Have fun during the casual weekend. You need a white tank top, gray sweat shorts, and cream-white cardigan. This outfit is ideal for home parties.

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Sleeveless Blazers For Work And Fun

Sleeveless blazer is considered to be one of the clothing staples which can make your everyday outfit look streamlined and elegant. In today’s blog post I’d like to show you simple and uncomplicated outfit ideas you can recreate with this functional layering piece, no matter if it’s Autumn or Spring outside. It’s a kind of paradox, as they make you look polished but at the same time, they keep things on the lighter side. You are free to wear it over LBDs, or over casual jeans. Indeed, it can be worn in all kinds of unexpected ways. All in all, there are new ways to rock this sleeveless clothing staple.

This army green sleeveless suit jacket matches dark blue skinny jeans. Add white crop top to make yourself look youthful. Complete this urban outfit with a pair of black ankle-cuff heeled sandals and camo print folder clutch.

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What Bags Are In Trend

Every bag has its own history. In today’s article, I’d love to show you my favorite bags you can wear now. All the presented designs are in trend this year, but you can choose whatever color you like. I gathered classic styles, satchels, messenger bags, bucket bags, glamor clutches, as well as many other popular must-tries. Modern fashion pleases us with a wide range of beautiful accessories. Everything depends on your personal taste, as you can either choose a small or a big bag to underline your personality and make it appropriate for work or parties.

An allover flower satchel bag in red color can be worn with neutral color outfits. You can give it a try by teaming with a wool-crepe mini dress in red color. Complete this combo with polka dot leather Mary Jane pumps and cocoon shaped black coat.

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