Sweater Dresses Season Is Officially Opened

It’s time to welcome back sweater dress trend, as we are about to face cold season months and you better get wrapped into cozy layers. There is nothing groundbreaking in this cool knitwear, but it’s certainly one of the best choices for a comfortable walk in the town during Autumn or Winter months.

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Must Have Sweaters For Women

You all know, I am a sweater woman and I do like to feel cozy during cold Winter months. Today I want to speak about must-have sweaters you all can try on this year. Modern fashion offers plenty of amazing sweater designs that can be worn with almost anything you like. In this collection can be found functional turtlenecks, cable knit sweaters, cropped knitwear, fuzzy knits, oversized, retro-inspired and uber long styles that can be easily named as sweater dresses.

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Casual Christmas Outfit Ideas

No, this is not a post about fancy-schmancy, glamour and sequined dresses for Christmas parties. Here we are going to talk about casual outfits for Winter in between those shiny Xmas parties. This might be a too early post for a cold winter season, but we all need some sort of inspiration, so you can be ready and fully armed before Christmas knocks your door. All the showcased ideas are made for days in somewhere in between parties (before and after Xmas) completed with fancy dresses and decorations.

Casual Christmas Looks 2017 (1)

Coats, sweaters, and jeans are your best friends for in between Christmas days.

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Must Have Fashion Items For Fall

Autumn season is nearby and I want to share with you some thoughts on what fashion items you should look for during those freezy chilly days. We all start dressing a lot warmer by choosing a lot more layers, that’s why we should find confident items that can make us look fashion-forward and well-dressed. I am here today to show you a short list of my favorite fall essentials.

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Autumn Dresses To Wear Now

This article is dedicated to all kinds of dresses, which can be worn during chilly Autumn months. No, it’s still warm outside, but I do recommend to prepare yourself for a cold season. I tell you honestly, it’s pretty impossible to say goodbye to summer frocks, that’s why I decided to share with you cool tricks how to wear different styles during the Fall months. You are about to find lovely styles made of wool, asymmetric must-tries for parties, casual basics, office-appropriate looks, as well as many other cool outfits you can easily incorporate with warm garments.

Long sleeve black frock in floral print looks elegant and suitable for office hours. Complement it with a pastel green leather handbag and cream blush ankle boots. Add feather earrings to add a kind of creative touch.

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Turtleneck Dresses For Women

I think everyone agrees with the following statement: A dress is the most important wardrobe piece for ladies who want to emphasize their femininity. In today’s article, we are about to see turtleneck dresses that are appropriate for different occasions. In this collection, I gathered stunning designs, including the ones with slim-fit silhouettes that can easily emphasize female’s figure, as well as cocoonish and loose-fit frocks that are ideal for creating fabulous layered looks. Anyway, let’s have a more detailed look at these outfits to find your favorite style.

The shown outfit comes with a relaxed fit gray frock covered with a pretty fuchsia collarless coat. This modern combination should be complemented with a pair of cool sneakers and classic black leather handbag.

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How To Wear Beanies To Look Cool

A beanie might sound like a casual accessory, but you can create so many interesting looks with this simple headwear. In today’s article, I want to draw your attention to my favorite styles which can complement lots of awesome looks. You are about to see basic street style looks, smart-casual basics, as well as office-friendly combinations. Take a close-up look at these simple ideas to get inspired.

A girlish pink color hat can be used in a casual look. Wear it with knee ripped blue jeans and a white sweater. Complete this urban casual style with a pair of white sneakers and black leather backpack.

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