Block Heel Sandals Will Improve Your Style

Today’s article is dedicated to block heel sandals that are must-try for women next year. The fashion industry is a crazy bitch, it always looks for inspiration from the past. Why? It’s much safer than creating new stuff, and that’s why we are following and buying it. Anyway, we are here to talk about block heels and you better know how to wear them right, otherwise, they will never improve your style. The block heel sandals are courtesy of the 1970’s fashion and partly of 1990’s. It’s no wonder why this footwear is back in style, as we all in love with the seventies and nineties fashion. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired and choose your favorite street style outfit ideas with block heel sandals.

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Knitted And Crochet Tops For Women

We have a trend here! Today’s blog post is all about knitwear. I want to share with you this year’s must-try fashion trend called crochet and knitted tops. These garments are fabulous, comfortable, eye-catching and easy to wear in real life. We are going to talk about knitted tops and crochet tanks that are great for Summer and Winter months as well. Keep on scrolling to find out more about this functional clothing staple and see best ways how to wear it in real life.

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Best Summer Outfit Ideas You Can Try Right Now

It’s still Summer and you definitely should have a nice dose of inspiration of clothing ideas you can copy for your next street walk in the town or at the beach or rooftop party. Today, I am happy to share with you best Summer outfit ideas (according to my personal view) from fashion and interior design Blogger Aimee Song at Song of Style. So, let’s have a detailed look at some of the best Summer looks from this fashion blogger.

Best Summer Look 1


If you are heading to a very special party, then you definitely should try on this super pretty and summery chic Valentino sequin dress. It makes you feel feminine and dressy, as well as playful and fun. The fit and silhouette are relaxed and lightweight. The look is complemented with nude Valentino patent leather pumps and Valentino Clutch.

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Swimwear Trends For Real Women

It’s time to swim and you better get ready to try on following swimwear trends. The funny thing is that there is no such thing as swimwear season. It can be a not Summertime or a perfect Winter getaway somewhere in a warm place like Hawaii. Anyway, we are here to see best swim designs you can give a try this year. I am pretty sure you are about to find here hot bikinis and swimsuits to try in the upcoming season. Get ready to see the trendiest swimsuit looks.

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How To Style Off The Shoulder Tops

What can be better than wearing an off-the-shoulder top this Summer season? If there is one sexy trend which makes us wanna wear it from Mondays to Sundays, then it’s off-the-shoulder! I call it an ALLURING trend made for hot Summer days. You may call it sexy, but it does have an elegance touch which makes its wearer look appropriate for different occasions. It’s no wonder why it is so popular among bloggers and celebrities.

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Summer Fur Shoes Trend You Should Try

It’s time to show off your real style! In this article, we are going to observe sexy fur shoes which are going to make you look fabulous this Summer! You definitely should try this trend, otherwise, you miss something major. You might love or hate this trend, but I am pretty sure, fur footwear won’t leave you indifferent. I find these shoes to be sweet and fluffy. This is a perfect mix of uber trend and sexiness. If you want to show off your Tomboyish spirit, then you better buy this footwear.

Pink fur slides with gray socks look awesome! Try it on, you won’t regret.

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2017 Coachella Fashion Summer Must-Haves

Yes, I have already told you about cool ways how to make Coachella music festival street outfits look great on you in my previous post. This time I want to show you my favorite street style looks you can actually copy in real life. Sometimes you have to let everything go and visit summer festival. Why is it so important? You forget about everyday drama situations, problems at work and with your boyfriend. It’s another world and life, where you don’t stress and have fun! In other words saying, it’s like a dress-up game, where you show-off your personality and try to put on all kinds of creative clothes. Below can be found all kinds of cool ideas you can copy this year and have fun on the streets.

Go for a black crop top teamed with frayed blue denim shorts. This combo looks outstanding if you add a cream-beige fedora hat, beige booties, and chiffon maxi sleeveless robe.

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Can You Wear Slippers To Work During Summertime

Who’s wearing slides to work, raise up your hands so I can see you! If you are doing this, then I am happy for you, as you are doing everything right way! I know many of you cry to wear stiletto heels during working hours, but what is better: a sexy look or a comfortable outfit? We have a situation here, darling! It’s a huge dilemma for women who try to stay feminine during their work. For the past decade, we can wear whatever we want, but the business etiquette isn’t changing drastically. We still have to think about office appropriate clothes and ways how to make it look professional. Theoretically, we can wear slippers to work, but you have to make things look harmonious and make them look office friendly. Your work attire has to be professional, clean and smart. Of course, lots of things depend on your job and working environment.

This look is ideal for Fridays. Go for a sleeveless top in black color and pair it with skinny wash blue jeans. Complete this combination with a pair of black leather slides, shoulder bag, and statement black sunglasses.

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3 Best Office Outfits For Summer

In this article, I want to show you best office outfit ideas for Summer you can recreate with clothes you already have in your closet. I am saying, you don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look like a million dollar babe! A real successful business woman can dress up with pretty simple clothes. You might be stuck in a situation when you feel like you have nothing to wear. It’s normal, as we all get tired of our clothes in a while and feel like we have no clothes to wear. That’s where I come with an advice! Frankly speaking, there is nothing new I can tell you. There are only three styles you should keep an eye on PANTS, SKIRTS, BASIC TOPS, and DRESSES. All these clothes can be jazzed up with trendy stuff like bags, sunglasses, and jewelry.

These skirt styles are tremendously chic and ideal for different offices. You can go for a pencil style with beautiful florals, shortened pencil skirts, dark blue knife-pleated midi versions, cream-nude A-line midi versions. All these designs can be teamed with basic tops and blouses.

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Tea Dresses For Different Body Shapes To Try In 2017

What is so special about Tea dress anyway? This marvelous garment can be an extremely versatile piece of clothing. How? It can be used as a beach dress, make it look appropriate at the office, or brighten up cocktail hours at a very special cocktail party. In other words saying, it can be a perfect choice for date nights, weekends, as well as for flirting with your boyfriend or layering it with cozy knitwear for a preppy look. This dress might not be a trendy piece for this 2017, but you can make it look stylish.

As you can see, the variety of TEA dresses simply amazes! It can be an off-the-shoulder design, the one with spaghetti straps, with floral print or in bold colors.

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