Tight Turtlenecks For Self-Confident Ladies

Tight turtlenecks are back in fashion and you better be ready to wear them. In today’s article, I want to share with you best ideas on how to make this top look and feel just right. You might ask me, why should we wear tight turtlenecks anyway? Are they an IT fashion thing right now?

How To Wear Turtlenecks (1)

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7 Must-Try Edgy Vintage Outfits

Hi, Everyone! Today’s topic is edgy vintage looks. I am a big fan of mixing different styles in one outfit, so why don’t you take a look at these marvelous 7 must-try edgy vintage outfit ideas you can copy this year. All looks are made by Amy from Vintage Reflection blog. Hope you gonna like these ideas.

Edgy Vintage Looks 1

Source: vintage-reflection.com

Here we see Amy wearing a dark floral wrap dress which works absolutely gorgeous with a classic black leather jacket. I love that kinda grungy vibe. The outfit is complemented with a brimmed fedora hat, mustard shoulder bag, and chunky black leather ankle boots.

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How To Dress Sporty Outside The Gym

Today we are here to talk about fabulous trend, called sportswear or athleisure. This style is nothing new, but I’ve got awesome ideas on how to wear it! So, you can now freely wear sporty clothes outside the gym! Everyone’s is obsessed with workout clothes. Another thing that makes us wanna jump into this trend is the overall appearance that makes us look sexy showing-off our beautiful bodies. That’s why we spend hours and thousands of dollars to buy amazing sporty luxe attire.


Keep your outfit in one color, or at least in the same color scheme. You will need a white-gray high-neck sweatshirt paired with drop-crotch sweatpants and white sneakers. This athletic combination can be complemented with mirrored sunglasses and a qualitative white leather backpack.

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Slip Dresses Over T-shirts Trend

It looks like we have a comeback of the 1990’s trend called slip dresses over T-shirts. This look was popular back in the nineties when schoolgirls appeared in silky evening gowns worn over basic white tees. The result appeared very glamour, punk and grunge inspired. We are moving to the next year and it looks like we want this trend to be back!

Slip Dresses Over Tops 2018 (1)

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Cream Pastel Clothing Trend For Next Summer

I will have pastel ice cream, please! Looking for new Summer trends to follow next year, then I am here to share with you pastel color outfit ideas in baby blue, cream white and light pink hues. I am not saying we didn’t wear these colors before, they just became more popular in recent months and nowadays they are pretty massive.

Cream Pastel Outfits 2018 (1)

A lovely light blue biker jacket ideally suits white shirt tucked in frayed denim shorts. Add blue heeled sandals and black leather tote bag to make things look special and chic.

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Fruit Print: Simple Looks To Copy

Pineapples, Avocados, Watermelon, and other fruits! Today I am going to show you fruit printed simple outfit ideas. This trend is pretty massive right now and you better know how to wear it. We still love florals and geometric prints, but healthy food is something new what might stay for a long time! Sure, it’s not a new trend, as we have already seen fruits on clothes from Dolce and Gabanna, Prada, Chanel, and others, but this year every retailer is gone crazy with fruits.

Fruits Print 2018 (1)

We see a sleeveless shirt printed in fruits mixed with jungle motifs tucked in high-waisted dark blue denim pants.

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Off-The-Shoulder Tops For Summer

Off-the-shoulder tops trend is still massive and I am happy to share with you this amazing Street style collection of the best designs you should try next Summer. Topless and bra tops are socially unacceptable to wear on the streets, that’s why women had to use their creativity in order to find something social appropriate. That’s when off-the-shoulder trend came into life.

A lovely light blue off-the-shoulder top in a bulky fit is tucked in high-waisted white trousers. An ideal look for open-air concerts.

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11 Incredible Ways To Wear Block Heel Sandals

Yes, block heel sandals are still in fashion! It’s no wonder why this footwear is this year’s hottest trend. I am here to share favorite ways how to wear these sandals in real life. All the showcased ideas are simple and trendy. I am telling you, all outfits shown in this blog post are going to make you special. Anyway, there is only positive news about this footwear. The chunky heel will keep your walks more stable and balanced, as well as give you some extra height without making any harm to your comfort. Another great thing about these shoes is the fresh appearance and multiple ways how to dress up these sandals in real life.

We see all black outfits. Try black block heels with a black lace dress or keep things urban cool by teaming block heel sandals with black skinny jeans.

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Skin Tight Ankle Boots Is What You Need

What shoes you all want to wear during chilly weather? Exactly, ankle boots! In today’s blog post I want to show you my favorite ankle boots designs you all can try on next year. We see women dressed in relaxed clothes, starting from the jeans to sweaters, tops and oversized jackets. The comfort takes a leading position in the world of fashion. But when it comes to the ankle boots, the tighter, the better!

Keep it cool and glamour! You can try on dark maroon velour booties, red ones, shiny gray or white ones. All these styles look awesome with denim.

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Summer Street Style Ideas To Try Now

If you find yourself style stuck, then I do recommend to have a look at these top Summer street style outfit ideas you can wear this hot season. Life is full of great moments and you better make them fabulous! We all have our favorite outfit combinations we tend to wear year after year and sometimes it feels like we are losing our fashion sense and our outfit becomes dull. In this article, I will try my best to show you perfect Summer clothes that actually work for everyone. You are about to see incredible ways how to wear slipdresses and tea-dresses, sexy cut-off shorts outfit ideas, how to make poplin shirts fit your bottoms, and simple ways to underline your uniqueness by wearing minimalist looks.

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