Sportswear & Athleisure Trend For Women

Athleisure Trend 2017 (1)

Call it athleisure or sportswear, but we see the comeback of this trend! You better be prepared to make a standout appearance on the streets, at casual parties or anywhere you want to go. It’s no wonder why fashion is feeling intrigued by sportswear. This year everything seems to look modernized and spiced up. I am not saying you should give up on your everyday basics, but I recommend to add at least one athleisure item to your casual outfit. Anyway, relax, and enjoy this amazing street style collection of women who appear in sportswear outfits.

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Athleisure And Gym Style For Weekends

Next year weekends are going to be athleisure and gym style inspired, as I want to show you great day-off, Holidays and adventurous looks you can recreate next year. There are days when you want to party and days when you want to feel comfy and maybe do some sports.

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Best Sweatshirts And Sweaters For Women

It’s time to shop for a new sweater or sweatshirt to make it work for next year. No matter which one of these two styles is your favorite, you can have so much fun with both of them. There are pretty much lots of amazing styles to pick from and I see no problem why sweater can’t be the only go-to Winter piece this 2018. I personally love sweatshirts for their kinda sophisticated and sporty appearance. Anyway, in this street style collection are shown my favorite sweater and sweatshirt designs and ways how to wear them anywhere you go. Get inspired.

Adidas sweatshirt is the best choice so far! It will make you look sporty and ready to hit the downtown streets. Pair it with cool shorts or skinny jeans.

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How To Wear Hoodies For Women

Keep your head hoodied! This trend is an absolute winner this year and I see no problem to wear it next season. This top is an absolute winner, as you can wear it on the streets, layered over bra tops and under cozy outerwear pieces. It’s a pretty universal clothing staple when you workout or go shopping. All in all, hoodies are totally IN. Why? It’s simple: activewear and sports-luxe garments are in fashion for a quite long time and it only gets massive. Get inspired by these tips and ideas on how to wear hoodies in real life.

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22 Sportswear Essentials For Different Activities

This time we are going to talk about sportswear essentials you can wear for different activities, starting from gym to yoga and run. It’s no secret to anyone that sports fashion takes the lead position in modern lifestyle, so you better be dressed appropriately. Frankly speaking, there are no rules in creating a fabulous athletic outfit, all you need is to make sure every clothing piece ideally matches one another. Below are shown 22 outfit ideas for different activities.

This one is for ladies who are lazy to change their clothes in the gym locker room. You will need a printed tank top, pastel color shorts, blue runners, a rucksack to carry all your needed essentials, as well as a quilted black bomber jacket.

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