Can You Wear Slippers To Work During Summertime

Who’s wearing slides to work, raise up your hands so I can see you! If you are doing this, then I am happy for you, as you are doing everything right way! I know many of you cry to wear stiletto heels during working hours, but what is better: a sexy look or a comfortable outfit? We have a situation here, darling! It’s a huge dilemma for women who try to stay feminine during their work. For the past decade, we can wear whatever we want, but the business etiquette isn’t changing drastically. We still have to think about office appropriate clothes and ways how to make it look professional. Theoretically, we can wear slippers to work, but you have to make things look harmonious and make them look office friendly. Your work attire has to be professional, clean and smart. Of course, lots of things depend on your job and working environment.

This look is ideal for Fridays. Go for a sleeveless top in black color and pair it with skinny wash blue jeans. Complete this combination with a pair of black leather slides, shoulder bag, and statement black sunglasses.

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