Stylish Ways to Wear Kimono With Jeans

A simple way to add a bit of “dressiness” to your everyday looks is to try on jeans with a kimono jacket. Today, I am here to bring you a stunning collection of street style fashion featuring girls and women dressed in kimonos with jeans. I will try my best showing you my favorite outfit ideas completed with these two functional garments. So, relax and have a look through these street style pictures.

Best Kimono And Jeans Outfit Ideas For Women 2018 (17)

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Skinny Jeans For Women Who Want To Look Trendy

If you are the one who loves skinny jeans, then you definitely gonna fall in love with these incredibly hot street style outfit ideas you all can copy. These jeans are considered to be the best denim bottoms that stay in fashion for a quite long time. It’s safe to say this denim piece is already a timeless iconic must-have in every lady’s closet. The variety of colors, shades, and details is numerous. They are considered to be basics that help us improve our looks, no matter if it’s office or some kind of party outfit. Anyway, take a close-up look through the following street style ideas to see how these jeans can work.

Skinny Jeans Trend 2018 (1)

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Knee Cut Jeans For Women: Best Street Style

Forget about extremely ripped jeans and find yourself a nice pair of knee-cut jeans. Today’s story is about women’s knee ripped jeans that can be dressed up and down. I am about to share with you the best street style looks that are easy to copy in real life.

Knee Cut Jeans For Women (1)

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What Jeans Should Women Try Next Year

Let me take you in the world of jeans! Today’s topic is about jeans you can try next year. Are you thrilled to know what denim will be in trend next year? I hear the sound of a drumroll, and here you have it: EVERYTHING that MAKES YOU COMFORTABLE IS TRENDY! That’s it! Nothing is complicated. In other words saying, next year will be the continuation of this and last year’s must-tries.

Jeans Trend 2018 (1)

Which ones of these three jeans is your favorite? Knee-ripped blue skinnies with black lace top worn under a draped trench coat, white skinnies with a high-waist teamed with a white crop top and covered with a blue denim jacket or distressed slim denim teamed with a gray-blue shirt.

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New Ways To Wear Skinny Jeans

Yes, they are still in trend and you better give them a second chance! I am talking about SKINNY JEANS trend. Frankly speaking, they never left us. I guess no one will ever kill this trend. Why? They are flattering, easy to wear and style. Plus, this denim comes in lots of cool variations, like ripped, cropped, high-waisted, acid wash, printed, etc. But still, there are days, when we feel like there is nothing to wear with this denim. You are a lucky one, as I have great inspirational outfit ideas on how to wear skinny jeans.

Skinny Jeans For Women (1)

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Sneakers And Skinny Jeans For Women

Keep the faith! Today’s post will be dedicated to my favorite outfit combination that includes sneakers and skinny jeans. You are going to see best color combinations that are so much easy to copy in real life. Frankly speaking, this combination is nothing new and you won’t surprise anyone on the streets. But there are interesting ways how to make these two basic wardrobe pieces look awesome on you, just make sure to try different colors.

Sometimes you need a simple look that works great on the streets. Give a try to these mid-rise black skinnies with ripped knees paired with white high-top sneakers and navy blue hoodie. Complement this outfit with a pair of black rounded sunglasses, white baseball cap, and blue rucksack. The overall outfit looks simple and ideal for casual walks on the town, as well as for airplane trips.

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