What Shoes Should Women Wear Next Summer 2018

Let’s talk about Summer 2018 fashion shoes to invest in! I think it’s time to draw your attention to my favorite footwear designs you can easily wear in your everyday life during next Summer season. In this collection, I gathered fabulous wedge sandals and pumps, heeled sandals, as well as all kind of flat shoes, including classy slip-on shoes, mules, mary janes and funky trainers.

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How To Wear Single Strap Heeled Sandals In 2018

Why do we love single ankle strap sandals so much? This footwear is hot and trendy, that’s why designers offer us to wear it during 2018. You why this happens? It’s pretty obvious, minimalism is popular right now and we all want to look individual. Such sandals look sexy and extremely feminine on women’s feet. The cuffed detail might look a bit BDSM inspired, but I kind of like it! Yes, ankle-strap sandals might look risky and too much sexual, but it’s totally worth it. This look might appear basic, but once you try it on, everything changes!

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Block Heel Sandals Will Improve Your Style

Today’s article is dedicated to block heel sandals that are must-try for women next year. The fashion industry is a crazy bitch, it always looks for inspiration from the past. Why? It’s much safer than creating new stuff, and that’s why we are following and buying it. Anyway, we are here to talk about block heels and you better know how to wear them right, otherwise, they will never improve your style. The block heel sandals are courtesy of the 1970’s fashion and partly of 1990’s. It’s no wonder why this footwear is back in style, as we all in love with the seventies and nineties fashion. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired and choose your favorite street style outfit ideas with block heel sandals.

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Weekend Beachwear Essentials

Today’s article is dedicated to our favorite season called SUMMER. I am here to talk about weekend beach essentials you all need to have during your sunbaths. I am talking about spacious beach bag, like a straw tote bag, flip flops, beachwear separates (it can be shorts and simple tee, sundress, playsuit/romper) a nice swimsuit, beach towel, kimono, sunhat, sunglasses, don’t forget to add before and after sunbaths lotion, it’s an essential must-have! In other words, all these items are beach essentials for the perfect beach day.

Beach Outfit Inspiration (1)

Have fun during your stay by the beach. How about doing some sports? playing volleyball, maybe? Go for this light pink one-piece swimsuit. Cover it with a denim shirt if you feel a bit chilly.

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How To Style Denim Skirt In 2017

Yes, I am here to talk about denim skirts and ways how to make it look incredible this 2017. This garment was a popular choice back in between 1990’s and millennium. It was seen everywhere, starting from high-schools to colleges, from the streets to TV shows, from downtown girls to Brintey Spears.

How to make wash blue short denim skirt look fabulous with simple tees and shirts? Keep your top simple! I love these skirts with frayed hem, the result appears to be grunge inspired.

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3 Best Office Outfits For Summer

In this article, I want to show you best office outfit ideas for Summer you can recreate with clothes you already have in your closet. I am saying, you don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look like a million dollar babe! A real successful business woman can dress up with pretty simple clothes. You might be stuck in a situation when you feel like you have nothing to wear. It’s normal, as we all get tired of our clothes in a while and feel like we have no clothes to wear. That’s where I come with an advice! Frankly speaking, there is nothing new I can tell you. There are only three styles you should keep an eye on PANTS, SKIRTS, BASIC TOPS, and DRESSES. All these clothes can be jazzed up with trendy stuff like bags, sunglasses, and jewelry.

These skirt styles are tremendously chic and ideal for different offices. You can go for a pencil style with beautiful florals, shortened pencil skirts, dark blue knife-pleated midi versions, cream-nude A-line midi versions. All these designs can be teamed with basic tops and blouses.

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Tea Dresses For Different Body Shapes To Try In 2017

What is so special about Tea dress anyway? This marvelous garment can be an extremely versatile piece of clothing. How? It can be used as a beach dress, make it look appropriate at the office, or brighten up cocktail hours at a very special cocktail party. In other words saying, it can be a perfect choice for date nights, weekends, as well as for flirting with your boyfriend or layering it with cozy knitwear for a preppy look. This dress might not be a trendy piece for this 2017, but you can make it look stylish.

As you can see, the variety of TEA dresses simply amazes! It can be an off-the-shoulder design, the one with spaghetti straps, with floral print or in bold colors.

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Boyfriend Blazers For Young Women

Everyone has noticed the popularity of boyfriend blazers and today I am happy to share with you some of the best street style looks you can create with such powerful layering piece. From the first sight you might say it’s an ordinary, traditional women’s blazer, but once you try it on, you see the difference!

Make a wow effect by wearing black and white clothes. You will need a black pantsuit and black-white striped wrap blouse. Complete this outfit with a pair of shiny sequined dark fuchsia stiletto pumps. You can also add a black suede clutch and oversized black sunglasses.

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Denim Outfits to Wear This Year

Say hello to my little … denim fashion! Denim outfits are still popular and I see no reason why should you avoid wearing denim pieces. You are free to wear denim in so many different ways, from jeans to dresses, from headpieces to accessories. In other words saying, this fabric can be seen on everyone. In today’s blog post I really want to share with you fabulous outfit ideas on how to wear denim looks this year.

Have fun with black and white! We see black denim overalls which can be worn over a classic black-white striped crop top. Add black fedora hat, peep-toe black leather booties and saddle black in black leather.

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Summer Dresses to Wear in 2017

Who’s that girl in a sexy dress? Yes, today’s post is dedicated to Summer 2017 dresses you should definitely give a try. You are about to see leopard print shirtdresses, green lace frocks, office appropriate polka dots, casual stripes, evening gowns in a blush color, pretty boho must-tries, pastel florals, pinstripes, denim, etc.

This leopard print shirt-dress with no sleeves is an extremely versatile clothing piece! It is comfortable and super fashionable! Try it with chunky platform heeled sandals in black color and turquoise carry-all. Trust me, it will easily make you stand-out from the crowd.

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