2017 Fall Fashion Essentials

Layers, warm jackets and eye-catching details to try this Autumn 2017! Stephanie Unter is a stylist, travel blogger, image consultant and a founder of The New York Fashion Hunter. She is a well-known lady in the fashion business, who manages express her unique style through clothing. The uniqueness is what makes her stand out from the rest. I am proud to share with you some of the best Fall season appropriate outfit ideas you can try this 2017.

Fall 2017 Fashion Essentials 1

Source: newyorkfashionhunter.com

Layering with a slipdress. Stephanie showed us how to style a slip dress from day to night and she says that you can wear even a simple black turtleneck under slipdress. The following outfit features a bell-sleeve top in black color worn under dark floral slip dress. This is an ideal look for Autumn season months. You can complement it with a velvet bag and velvet loafers. It’s comfy, easy to wear and can be used during office hours.

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Tea Dresses For Different Body Shapes To Try In 2017

What is so special about Tea dress anyway? This marvelous garment can be an extremely versatile piece of clothing. How? It can be used as a beach dress, make it look appropriate at the office, or brighten up cocktail hours at a very special cocktail party. In other words saying, it can be a perfect choice for date nights, weekends, as well as for flirting with your boyfriend or layering it with cozy knitwear for a preppy look. This dress might not be a trendy piece for this 2017, but you can make it look stylish.

As you can see, the variety of TEA dresses simply amazes! It can be an off-the-shoulder design, the one with spaghetti straps, with floral print or in bold colors.

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Boyfriend Blazers For Young Women

Everyone has noticed the popularity of boyfriend blazers and today I am happy to share with you some of the best street style looks you can create with such powerful layering piece. From the first sight you might say it’s an ordinary, traditional women’s blazer, but once you try it on, you see the difference!

Make a wow effect by wearing black and white clothes. You will need a black pantsuit and black-white striped wrap blouse. Complete this outfit with a pair of shiny sequined dark fuchsia stiletto pumps. You can also add a black suede clutch and oversized black sunglasses.

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Gorgeous Fall Outfits To Copy

It’s time to prepare for Autumn season and I am here to show you some of the best outfits you can copy this cold season. Ahead are presented outfit ideas on what to wear and how to style if tomorrow is a chilly day. Most of these clothes you might already have in your closet, so you won’t need to buy new stuff, just mix and match your already owned clothing staples.

Use bright colors, as they will always make you stand out from the crowd. You will need a yellow-mustard sweater, matching color pumps, purple jeans, as well as the same color scarf and leather backpack. Don’t forget to cover your head with a yellow-white striped beanie.

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Summer Dresses to Wear in 2017

Who’s that girl in a sexy dress? Yes, today’s post is dedicated to Summer 2017 dresses you should definitely give a try. You are about to see leopard print shirtdresses, green lace frocks, office appropriate polka dots, casual stripes, evening gowns in a blush color, pretty boho must-tries, pastel florals, pinstripes, denim, etc.

This leopard print shirt-dress with no sleeves is an extremely versatile clothing piece! It is comfortable and super fashionable! Try it with chunky platform heeled sandals in black color and turquoise carry-all. Trust me, it will easily make you stand-out from the crowd.

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Tailored Vests For Women You Definitely Should Try

If you are new to tailored vests, then I guess it can be quite tricky to create a fabulous look. Basically, there are two types of women vests you can try this year. A long one and a shortened version for layering under a suit jacket. Anyway, there are basic rules for women who want to try one of these styles. If you want to balance up your elongated shirt, then the best way to do so is to add a shorter vest.

A tailored pair of gray trousers can be worn with a white button-down shirt and tailored waistcoat. Complete this mannish outfit with a pair of block heeled pointed-toe booties.

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Wide Leg Pants To Make You Look Fabulous

It’s time to find the right wide-leg pants for you! In today’s article, I want to show my favorite outfit ideas complemented with wide trousers. These pants are made for women who want to try something new and trendy.

Multi striped pants in black-white-orange look fresh and summer appropriate. Try them on with a black cropped tank top, retro style handbag in the same white-black-orange colors and wedge platform pumps in sweet orange.

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Sexy Summer Outfits You Can Actually Wear On The Streets This Season

It’s time to make this Summer season feel and look sexier! This time we are going to talk about sexy summer outfit ideas you can actually wear on the streets this season. Before we move on, I just wanted to make sure you understand what I mean looking sexy.

That’s a fabulous outfit for glamor walks in the city. We see a dark blue crop top paired with pastel turquoise skirt. Complete this look with a pastel turquoise handbag and turquoise bootie pumps.

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Fur Vests You Can Wear Anywhere You Want

No matter if it’s a faux or real fur vest, there are lots of ways how to make this layering piece look awesome on you. Trust me, if you are going to wear it correctly and follow easy rules, it will become your favorite layering clothing staple for cold season months. It can be worn as a boho essential, or make you look French chic.

Keep it urban chic by teaming a gray fur vest with a pair of black leather skinnies and gray-blue striped sweater. Add black leather retro shaped handbag and maroon caged peep-toe booties.

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Tips On Rocking Crop Tops On The Streets

It’s time to welcome crop top season! Hope your body is ready to wear this tiny sweet garment if your stomach isn’t flat, then you can still rock this garment. In this collection, I gathered tips and possible outfit ideas you can use to rock crop tops on the streets and everywhere else you dream to wear it.

If you have a belly fat, then you can try this striped crop top what can be worn under denim shortalls. Complete this sporty look with animal print sneakers and black leather backpack.

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