Plaid Print Outfit Ideas To Try In 2018

Next 2018 comes with new fashion trends, but I love to see the comeback of already known styles. In this article, I will bring you amazing plaid print outfit ideas you all can give a try next year. Why are checks so popular? Do we need them next year? If yes, then how should we wear them and how to create interesting outfit ideas with this cool print.

Plaid Print For Women 2018 (1)

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Checkered Print Obsession 2018

We face a new fashion obsession this 2018. It’s called checkered print. In this blog post, I want to show you marvelous ways how to make this trend work for you, no matter if you wear it to the office, on the streets or parties. Check print looks amazing, no matter if it comes in black, white, yellow, red, green squares. You are free to wear classy prints or go for a quite psychedelic look. I personally love those 1960’s inspired retro vibes that are both feminine, cheeky and sweet. Think of checkered mini dresses and skirts, cropped tops completed in fashionable print.

If you are a beginner to this trend, then you definitely should start from small accessories. Nobody wants to look like a granny or a clown. You better be 100% sure this trend looks trendy and modern on you. No matter if you get inspired by the catwalk collections or nostalgic retro images, you are free to wear checks in many ways. You are free to create a housewife look or make a wow statement with a bombshell outfit. Besides its psychedelic design, I personally like that special retro feminine vibe that makes its wearer look both classy and edgy. Don’t be shy and let your creativity run wild! Start with one checkerboard item and mix it up with your everyday clothes. For instance, a checkered dress works great with colored heels or ballet pumps, the checkered top can be teamed with simple blue jeans, skinnies, or cut-offs, a checkered pencil skirt can be paired with a silken white blouse and black pumps, etc. If you are into classic style, then be sure to try on black and white checkered clothes. This print looks awesome on maxi gowns, matching separates, etc. Don’t be afraid mixing and matching checkboard with other prints, bright colors and neutral color clothes. Have fun with it!

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Plaid Print Trend 2018

Lets’ have some fun with plaids! In this story, I want to draw your attention to my favorite 2018 trend called plaids, checks, flannels, tartan print. This pattern is still trendy and you can have so much fun with it, just give it a try and I am telling you, THIS PRINT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY! It was popular back in swingy 1960’s, disco 1980’s as well as during grungy 1990’s. But we are here to talk about nowadays fashion, right? So, let’s get down to the business and see what’s hot right now.

Plaid Trend For Women 2018 (1)

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Punk Rock Fall Trend

Something in this life takes over me, every night I have this dream so beautiful and I still believe in PUNK ROCK fashion! Please welcome so long-awaited Fall trend called punk rock. This year we see it dark, dramatic and edgy. I would also say it’s more sleek and sexy. I love to see women who create punk rock-inspired outfits completed with fur, chains, chokers, bold lips, thigh high boots, and leather. The result is more BDSM inspired, LOL, but still, it’s sophisticated and so must-try! In this street style compilation, I tried to gather some of the best punk trends look you can easily copy this year. Sure, this style is more appropriate for young women, but older women can still add some edgy touches to their everyday outfits. A punk trend for Autumn is definitely a must-try for every age. Trust me, you can find a million ways how to rock it. There are fabulous grungy styles you can easily copy and paste in real life. By the way, almost every designer tried this look in his/her collections, starting from Balenciaga to YSL and Marc Jacobs.

Punk Clothes for Fall (1)

Plaids, please! Go for a black leather jacket, printed tee, and plaid slim trousers! This awesome outfit can be complemented with black leather ankle boots, rounded shades, and a black beanie.

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2017 Fall Season Must-Haves

Let’s talk about 2017 Fall season must-haves you all can try this year. All the showcased images are taken from I wanted to say a couple of words about the editor of this site. Her name is Jacey Duprie and I felt in love with her unique style and passion for fashion. You are more than welcome to visit her site and follow her new outfits, lifestyle, travel, and home decor. Anyway, let’s have a look at this year’s Autumn season must-tries.

Autumn Season Must Haves 2017 1


LEATHER JACKET & PLAID PRINT. Yes, fashion still wants us to wear this combo. In the image below, we see Jacey wearing Preen by Thornton Bregazzi ruffled dress in multicolored plaid print, Balenciaga black leather jacket, Manolo Blahnik boots and Chanel quilted handbag.

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