Fuzzy Sweaters Are Must Haves For 2018 Cold Days

If you want to improve your style and feel cozy during 2018 cold days, then you definitely should give a try to a fuzzy sweater. This marvelous top is a must-have piece in every woman’s wardrobe who wants to feel safe and warm during chilly weather. So, those of you who want to give a cozy and warm look this Winter should know best ways how to wear fuzzy sweaters in real life. What are you waiting for, get inspired and see how things should be done!

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Long Cardigans For Women To Try In 2018

It’s cold right now and you might be wondering what clothes you might wear this chilly 2018. Today is your lucky day, as I am going to share with you street style outfit ideas packed with long cardigans. Yes, you heard me right, this article is dedicated to this fabulous and cozy knitwear you can wear almost anywhere you want.

Long Cardigans For Women 2018 (1)

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Best Sweaters For Women To Wear In 2018

Let’s talk about cozy fashion garments. Today’s blog post is dedicated to my favorite sweaters styles you all can give a try during cold weather days in 2018. Knitwear is an ideal choice for windy cool weather, chilly and crispy morning street walks. Sweaters were always Fall and Winter number one clothing staple, that’s why I decided to gather all kinds of sweaters you can definitely try on this year. These are my personal favorites, so don’t judge strictly!

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Knits And Silk Is Ideal Combination For 2018

In this article, I want to show you my favorite fabric combination of knits and silk. I think it’s one of the best combos you can try during cold days in 2018. I am a big fan of comfortable and voguish looking clothes, that’s why I find knits and silk to be an obsessing combination. I must admit, my soul is stuck on this trend. Most women might find this combo to be ridiculous and even weird, but I love to see celebrities wearing chunky sweaters, cozy cardigans or cable knit tops with beautiful and feminine silk dresses, skirts or pants. If you are in search of a seductive outfit, then you definitely should give this combo a try!

Knits and Silk Combination 2018 (1)

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Sweaters For Women Are Ideal Cold Weather Layering

Everyone loves sweaters and I am no exception! Today’s blog post is dedicated to cold weather knitted layering designs you all can try this year. I’ve spent much time in the search to bring you the best sweaters and street style ideas how to wear them in real life during cold months.

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Casual Christmas Outfit Ideas 2017

No, this is not a post about fancy-schmancy, glamour and sequined dresses for Christmas parties. Here we are going to talk about casual outfits for Winter 2017 in between those shiny Xmas parties. This might be a too early post for a cold winter season, but we all need some sort of inspiration, so you can be ready and fully armed before Christmas knocks your door. All the showcased ideas are made for days in somewhere in between parties (before and after Xmas) completed with fancy dresses and decorations.

Casual Christmas Looks 2017 (1)

Coats, sweaters, and jeans are your best friends for in between Christmas days.

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Boyfriend Blazers For Young Women

Everyone has noticed the popularity of boyfriend blazers and today I am happy to share with you some of the best street style looks you can create with such powerful layering piece. From the first sight you might say it’s an ordinary, traditional women’s blazer, but once you try it on, you see the difference!

Make a wow effect by wearing black and white clothes. You will need a black pantsuit and black-white striped wrap blouse. Complete this outfit with a pair of shiny sequined dark fuchsia stiletto pumps. You can also add a black suede clutch and oversized black sunglasses.

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Gorgeous Fall Outfits To Copy

It’s time to prepare for Autumn season and I am here to show you some of the best outfits you can copy this cold season. Ahead are presented outfit ideas on what to wear and how to style if tomorrow is a chilly day. Most of these clothes you might already have in your closet, so you won’t need to buy new stuff, just mix and match your already owned clothing staples.

Use bright colors, as they will always make you stand out from the crowd. You will need a yellow-mustard sweater, matching color pumps, purple jeans, as well as the same color scarf and leather backpack. Don’t forget to cover your head with a yellow-white striped beanie.

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How To Make Leather Pants Look Cool On You

Trust me, leather pants will make you look hot and cool, just make sure you wear these bottoms in right way with appropriate items. You are free to create amazing outfit ideas, which can look glam, chic and trendy. Just don’t make them look cheap on you, as you can end up looking ridiculous. In this post are gathered amazing outfit ideas for those women who really want to show off their individuality.

1. Pair a dressy black-white animal print sleeveless blouse with glam and classy white blazer with black lapels. Underline your edginess by adding black leather skinny pants and stiletto black suede booties:

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Best White Jeans You Can Wear All This Year Long

Today’s topic is all about easy ways how to wear white jeans in real life. Trust me, there is no reason to be afraid to throw on one of these denim pieces. They all are fun to wear and combine with your favorite tops, knitwear, and outerwear. Here at OnlyWardrobe we always try to show you only the best clothing tips and outfit ideas you can easily copy and wear, that’s why in this collection we gathered fabulous looks with white jeans. I’ve rounded up the best outfit combos for those who want to try something functional with white denim.

I know many women who try to keep things simple and classy. You will need a pair of white regular-fit jeans. They can be easily paired with a cream gray sweat-shirt and white slip-on shoes. This basic outfit can be brightened up with a shiny silver envelope clutch.

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