How To Style Fur Coats In 2018

Hello my dear fashion ladies, we are here to talk about beautiful outfit ideas you can create with fur coats next 2018. Fur gets popular with an arrival of the cold season, that’s why everyone is so obsessed with it. Fur by itself equates luxury, beauty, and richness. Plus, it will keep you warm when temperatures are low and make you look stylish no matter if you are on your way to work or special party. Scroll down to see this 2018 year’s best outfit combinations you can create with fur coats.

Fur Coats Outfits 2018 (1)

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What Coats You Should Wear Next 2018 Winter

Hello my beautiful women, I have another story to share with you tonight. I am going to talk about fabulous coats you all should try next 2018 Winter. This is an outerwear must-have piece that should be in every woman’s closet. It comes in different styles, colors, and materials. You can find so many interesting designs that can easily make you stand out from the crowd. I am here to update you with my favorite designs you can try in 2018.

Coats Trends 2018 (1)

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Faux Fur Fashion Trend 2018

This article is dedicated to faux fur trend that is pretty massive right now. I am here to show you the best street style ideas on how to wear it in real life during 2018. When you see fur on the streets, you automatically start to think of its origin, is it real or fake!? Today’s fashion offers faux furs that look and feel as a real fur.

Faux Fur For Women 2018 (1)

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Best Coat Styles For Women To Try In 2018

We have another great post here! This time I want to speak about coats and what styles are in trend this 2018. I know, many of you hate cold season for freezing mornings, bad hair days (it can happen in the summertime as well), dry and itchy skin. Frankly speaking, I love Wintertime for a great selection of cozy clothes and amazing layering techniques you can create with your clothes. As I have already mentioned, we are about to talk about cold season outerwear called COATS and I am happy to share with you a stunning collection of all sorts of coat styles, including shearling coats, wrap designs, fur styles, long coats, camel coats and outerwear pieces with statement embroidery and details. So, what are you waiting for, let’s begin our trip!

Best Coats For Women 2018 (1)

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Fur Coats You Should Invest In This Winter 2017-2018

Yes, we are here to talk about fur coats and you better read the whole article to know which style is trendy this Winter 2017-2018. I am telling you, I became obsessed with vintage fur coats that look 1970’s inspired. This year we see a comeback of brown, nude, beige and camel colored versions in over-the-knee and hip-length designs. Why do women love fur coats so much? It’s both super luxurious and versatile.

Fur Coats 2018 (1)

The length of fur coat varies from midi to short one. I would recommend to wear long styles for special events and keep things short for street walks and everyday wear.

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2017 Fall Fashion Essentials

Layers, warm jackets and eye-catching details to try this Autumn 2017! Stephanie Unter is a stylist, travel blogger, image consultant and a founder of The New York Fashion Hunter. She is a well-known lady in the fashion business, who manages express her unique style through clothing. The uniqueness is what makes her stand out from the rest. I am proud to share with you some of the best Fall season appropriate outfit ideas you can try this 2017.

Fall 2017 Fashion Essentials 1


Layering with a slipdress. Stephanie showed us how to style a slip dress from day to night and she says that you can wear even a simple black turtleneck under slipdress. The following outfit features a bell-sleeve top in black color worn under dark floral slip dress. This is an ideal look for Autumn season months. You can complement it with a velvet bag and velvet loafers. It’s comfy, easy to wear and can be used during office hours.

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What COATS To Wear This Winter 2018

This Winter 2018 is gonna be full of great outerwear styles and today I am happy to share with you comfortable and trendy coats you can wear on the streets and to special occasions. These fabulous outerwear pieces will complete your cold season closet and make you look special. You probably have gone mad in a search of a perfect coat, am I right? Today is your lucky day, as I want to bring awesome coats to your attention.

An oversized maroon coat looks awesome worn over ribbed knit black dress.

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New (Faux) Fur Coats For Winter 2018

Get ready for Winter 2018 by wearing one of these cool (faux) fur coats. I remember those times when faux fur clothes considered to be something cheap and weird, as everyone dreamed of a real fur coat.

A super glam casual style is seen in this image. A girl appears in a big oversized coat styled with a spacious black leather handbag and white sneakers.

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How To Get The Party Look For Women

In this post I decided to share with you glam and retro inspired party looks you can try on during Fridays, Saturdays, as well as at special events. A little party never killed anybody, so why don’t you try something stylish for the next special event?

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