Denim Jackets or Leather Jackets For 2018

Autumn 2018 is almost here and we are here to talk about layering stuff. I decided to discuss two jackets, where the first one is made of leather and the other one is from denim. Both styles are pretty popular, but which one should you buy this season. During the day we can still wear lightweight knits, where additional layers are optional. But in the mornings and evenings, we can face chilly weather and cold winds, that’s why the jacket is an essential thing to carry from day to day.

Denim Versus Leather Jackets 2018 (1)

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What Jackets To Wear Next Spring 2018

Like it or not, but the next 2018 spring we are going to see lots of fabulous trends and today’s blog post is dedicated to jackets. Yes, I am here to talk about our beloved must-haves, like leather jackets, denim jackets, safari jackets, blazers, suede jackets, bombers and trench coats. Hell yeah, all these styles are so must have next year.

Best Jackets For Women To Wear In 2018 (22)

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5 Jackets For Summer Season

Go wild this Summer by wearing these 5 different jackets! In this post, I want to show you what jackets you can wear on the streets if it’s pretty cool this season. You might say I gone crazy by offering you these quite warm layering pieces. Well, you might be right, if the weather was hot outside, but summer this year is quite chilly and we have to think of functional layers to cover our pretty sweet sundresses and lightweight jumpers.

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Denim Outfits to Wear This Year

Say hello to my little … denim fashion! Denim outfits are still popular and I see no reason why should you avoid wearing denim pieces. You are free to wear denim in so many different ways, from jeans to dresses, from headpieces to accessories. In other words saying, this fabric can be seen on everyone. In today’s blog post I really want to share with you fabulous outfit ideas on how to wear denim looks this year.

Have fun with black and white! We see black denim overalls which can be worn over a classic black-white striped crop top. Add black fedora hat, peep-toe black leather booties and saddle black in black leather.

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Fall Denim Must-Haves For 2017

It’s no secret to anyone, that denim is everywhere! In today’s post, I want to share with you awesome denim pieces and ways how to wear them this Autumn 2017. This universal piece of clothing can be combined with different clothes in various ways. In this article, I decided to share with you some of the best ways how to wear denim dresses, skirts, jackets, and jeans. Hope you gonna like these total-looks the same as me:

What can you say about this 1970’s inspired look? We see bootcut mid-rise jeans teamed with a neck-tie blouse in cream white color. Complete this look by adding shearling draped vest, Chelsea booties, and camel floppy hat.

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