Long Coats For Winter Season

Long coats are ideal for Winter season! You are going to love each one of these cold weather outerwear pieces! They are magnificent and powerful clothing staples. Once it gets chilly outside to walk in simple tees and sundresses, you can cover yourself in one of these stylish coats. Why do I like them so much? They are reminiscent of the 1970’s and 1980’s fashion. Most of these styles come in midi or even longer lengths. I love to see massive coats layered over plain tees paired with ripped jeans and classic sneakers. Why don’t you put your own spin on this trend? In this street style collection, I want to show you some of the best outfit ideas completed with oversized and long coats. I do think long coats are versatile and way more sophisticated to wear in real life. Just take a look at slightly oversized and wrap designs. The result is awesome!

Long Coats Trend (1)

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Gray Or Camel Coats Are Popular Right Now

Let the battle begin! Today’s article is dedicated to my favorite outerwear pieces: camel coat and gray coat. Well, frankly speaking, this is a never-ending battle that is very personal. It’s the same as asking a man if he likes blonde haired women or black haired. But fashion dictates its own rules and nothing can stop it!

Grey Versus Camel Coats (2)

A bulky gray coat worn over neutrals and a camel coat over pastel knitted top teamed with jeans.

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Fall Season Fashion Must-Haves For Women

Let’s talk about Fall season must-haves you all can try this year. All the showcased images are taken from damselindior.com. I wanted to say a couple of words about the editor of this site. Her name is Jacey Duprie and I felt in love with her unique style and passion for fashion. You are more than welcome to visit her site and follow her new outfits, lifestyle, travel, and home decor. Anyway, let’s have a look at this year’s Autumn season must-tries.

Autumn Season Must Haves 2017 1

Source: damselindior.com

LEATHER JACKET & PLAID PRINT. Yes, fashion still wants us to wear this combo. In the image below, we see Jacey wearing Preen by Thornton Bregazzi ruffled dress in multicolored plaid print, Balenciaga black leather jacket, Manolo Blahnik boots, and Chanel quilted handbag.

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Gorgeous Fall Outfits To Copy

It’s time to prepare for Autumn season and I am here to show you some of the best outfits you can copy this cold season. Ahead are presented outfit ideas on what to wear and how to style if tomorrow is a chilly day. Most of these clothes you might already have in your closet, so you won’t need to buy new stuff, just mix and match your already owned clothing staples.

Use bright colors, as they will always make you stand out from the crowd. You will need a yellow-mustard sweater, matching color pumps, purple jeans, as well as the same color scarf and leather backpack. Don’t forget to cover your head with a yellow-white striped beanie.

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How To Buy The Perfect Jumpsuit

Now it’s time to speak about comfortable onesies you can wear to work and parties. Yes, this article is dedicated to my favorite jumpsuits. I gathered interesting designs and ways how to wear them in real life. You are going to know how to buy the perfect jumpsuits that will underline your best features. Make sure to look through all these outfit ideas and find your favorites.

Make sure this contrast-panel strapless jumpsuit ideally suits under your armpits. In love with this dark blue top and black trousers. Add stiletto sandals to complete this look.

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Leather Skirts You Can Wear From Work To Parties

There some many awesome ways how to make leather skirt be your favorite garment to wear this year. In this article, you can find lots of beautiful outfit ideas you can wear for work and play this year. This beautiful piece of clothing can make you look chic, sweet and edgy. I am pretty sure this skirt is going to be in your wardrobe rotation this year!

Keep things neutral! You will need a striped simple t-shirt, geometric print cardigan, black leather mini skirt, and platform black suede booties. Add black leather rucksack and drop earrings in black color.

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How To Make Leather Pants Look Cool On You

Trust me, leather pants will make you look hot and cool, just make sure you wear these bottoms in right way with appropriate items. You are free to create amazing outfit ideas, which can look glam, chic and trendy. Just don’t make them look cheap on you, as you can end up looking ridiculous. In this post are gathered amazing outfit ideas for those women who really want to show off their individuality.

1. Pair a dressy black-white animal print sleeveless blouse with glam and classy white blazer with black lapels. Underline your edginess by adding black leather skinny pants and stiletto black suede booties:

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How To Layer Sweaters This Fall

You better know the right technique on how to layer sweaters during cold season and this Fall is no exception. In this collection, I gathered interesting outfit ideas with sweaters and ways how to layer them like a pro! It’s no secret, once the fall comes in your town, the temperature drops and layering is the only key for those women who want to look stylish and stay warm. Here are my favorite picks and tricks for wearing sweaters in elegant and simple ways. Get inspired:

This mannish sporty outfit will make you look cool and edgy. You will need a navy-blue bomber jacket, cable-knit gray-blue sweater and ripped skinny jeans. Complete this outfit with a pair of black trainers and black leather tote bag.

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Fall Season Women Clothing Essentials

In this post are gathered simple Fall season outfit ideas you all can try this Autumn season. No matter how hard you try, but Autumn season is almost here! The following ideas can be considered to be essentials for cold months. You are about to find here lots of great wardrobe staples that are easy to wear and combine with other clothes. Hope these clothing essentials will help you create the one and only look for Fall months!

Every season comes with its essential clothes. In this outfit, we see two basics which are very important during cold months. It’s a cable-knit gray sweater, this one comes with short sleeves and plaid print cape made of wool. Combine these two pieces with a maroon A-line mini skirt and chunky black leather ankle boots.

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Autumn Dresses To Wear Now

This article is dedicated to all kinds of dresses, which can be worn during chilly Autumn months. No, it’s still warm outside, but I do recommend to prepare yourself for a cold season. I tell you honestly, it’s pretty impossible to say goodbye to summer frocks, that’s why I decided to share with you cool tricks how to wear different styles during the Fall months. You are about to find lovely styles made of wool, asymmetric must-tries for parties, casual basics, office-appropriate looks, as well as many other cool outfits you can easily incorporate with warm garments.

Long sleeve black frock in floral print looks elegant and suitable for office hours. Complement it with a pastel green leather handbag and cream blush ankle boots. Add feather earrings to add a kind of creative touch.

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