Winter Skiing Holiday Outfit Ideas 2018

The skiing holiday fastly approaches us and it’s time to think of your clothes you should pack before going to skiing resort this Winter 2018. Have you ever asked yourself why most of the women go panic before going on this skiing Winter holiday? Half of them do not ski or have no Winter sports experience, others never went to skiing holidays and remember an only bad experience from their childhood and almost everyone doesn’t even know what to wear to this ski resort. Obviously, you are about to spend much money to shop for some winter clothes, and ski-inspired outfits, right? Noone wants to overspend on apparel and accessories that will be worn only once a year. So, our mission for today is to find ski-inspired clothing that can be worn in your everyday routine life on the streets without looking crazy.

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Boho Dresses You Would Love to Own This 2017

You can never go wrong with a boho dress! I am telling you, there are lots of fabulous styles you can choose from. In this collection are gathered 2017 designs you definitely would love to own. What I love about bohemian style is the free-spirited appearance which drives crazy many women. Boho frocks come in floral, Paisley and abstract prints, experimental colors and patterns. The result can be super feminine and gorgeous.

A pretty simple pastel blue sleeveless shift-dress is complimented with bohemian essentials, like a brown leather bag with fringed tassels and thong sandals.

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Fur Vests You Can Wear Anywhere You Want

No matter if it’s a faux or real fur vest, there are lots of ways how to make this layering piece look awesome on you. Trust me, if you are going to wear it correctly and follow easy rules, it will become your favorite layering clothing staple for cold season months. It can be worn as a boho essential, or make you look French chic.

Keep it urban chic by teaming a gray fur vest with a pair of black leather skinnies and gray-blue striped sweater. Add black leather retro shaped handbag and maroon caged peep-toe booties.

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Black Leather Jackets To Have Fun With

Yes, we all know what is a leather jacket, but how to make some fun with this outerwear piece? That’s why I decided to share with you intriguing ways how to wear a black leather jacket this year, so you can finally create a unique look. We all have different tastes, but this black outer garment unites us all! This sleek topper can be worn in different ways, just make sure you style it the right way.

Go simple or go home. This look is easy to copy, as you will need a comfy light pink T-dress and black leather jacket. In other words, this is the easiest combo to throw on. Complete it with a pair of pointy-toe heels and edgy accessories. This is not only a chic style but effortlessly cool. Love the GIRL GANG pink color slogan on the back of this black jacket.

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Leather Skirts You Can Wear From Work To Night-Outs

There some many awesome ways how to make leather skirt be your favorite garment to wear this year. In this article, you can find lots of beautiful outfit ideas you can wear for work and play this year. This beautiful piece of clothing can make you look chic, sweet and edgy. I am pretty sure this skirt is going to be in your wardrobe rotation this year!

Keep things neutral! You will need a striped simple t-shirt, geometric print cardigan, black leather mini skirt, and platform black suede booties. Add black leather rucksack and drop earrings in black color.

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Fur Vests And Skirts To Wear Now

I am so addicted to fur vests, as I think it’s the best layering piece for Fall season. In this article, I will try my best to show you great ways how to make a perfect look with a fur vest and skirt. The fur vest is a must-try piece for ladies who want to wear trendy stuff and it’s an ideal piece of clothing for those who are obsessed with 1970’s fashion. It is not only a warm savior but also a fabulous garment that can dress up any outfit and make it look sophisticated, grungy or even classy. Below are shown interesting ideas how to wear fur vests with skirts in real life. Get inspired and let me know your thoughts.

Layer over your favorite black turtleneck sweater with the same color fur vest. Add plaid print gray skirt, high black suede boots, and black leather gloves.

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Leather Jackets With Jeans Is An Ideal Combination So Far

In today’s article, I decided to share my favorite outfits featuring leather jackets and jeans. I personally consider this combination to be one of the best ones so far. It can make any woman look well dressed. I see ladies mostly wearing black leather jackets with white shirts and blue jeans and it’s no wonder why, as it’s a foolproof combo that can instantly make any woman look put together.

Keep things sporty and urban. Keep things simple and comfortable, as you will need a pair of light blue ripped boyfriend jeans, black hoodie and a biker jacket in black leather. Complete this look with a pair of black suede platform booties and a black beanie.

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How To Layer Sweaters This Fall

You better know the right technique on how to layer sweaters during cold season and this Fall is no exception. In this collection, I gathered interesting outfit ideas with sweaters and ways how to layer them like a pro! It’s no secret, once the fall comes in your town, the temperature drops and layering is the only key for those women who want to look stylish and stay warm. Here are my favorite picks and tricks for wearing sweaters in elegant and simple ways. Get inspired:

This mannish sporty outfit will make you look cool and edgy. You will need a navy-blue bomber jacket, cable-knit gray-blue sweater and ripped skinny jeans. Complete this outfit with a pair of black trainers and black leather tote bag.

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Black Leather Jackets With Skirts

Looking for an awesome way how to wear your favorite black leather jacket? Now you can wear it with all kinds of skirts, starting from snakeskin print to neon colored ones. I am more than happy to show you my favorite ideas how to make this combo look awesome on you.

This look is incredible and wild! You will need a black belted leather jacket, snakeskin print pencil skirt, and platform peep-toe heeled black sandals. In love with this black sleeveless top with ruffled details.

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Puffer Vests For Cold Weather Days

You will need a puffer vest for days when it feels chilly, but not so cold enough to wear heavy outerwear. This outer garment allows you to show off the clothes you wear underneath. In other words, it keeps you warm without sweating. Most of the puffer vests are considered to be preppy, but you can easily layer them over casual essentials. For instance, a classic down vest looks great with classic color sweaters, as well as with printed shirts and pullovers. Yep, these layering pieces are easy to pull off. If you are still confused how to wear it, I’ve got some easy tips and ideas to share with you.

Black down option is a versatile outer garment which can be worn over a white sweater in black stripes. Add blue mid-rise jeans and brown leather boots to complete this outfit.

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