What Fashion Trends Should Go and What Should Stay In 2018

Some trends can stay and others should leave us! Today’s fashion is all about experimenting with our own style, but there are things that might make you look outdated, that’s why I am here to show you what trends we should keep in 2018.

Best Women Fashion Trends to Keep In 2018 (1)

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Have Fun With Bomber Jackets Next 2018

You definitely should try a bomber jacket next 2018, if you do want to make an awesome impression on everyone during your walk down the street. This can be considered to be the coolest jacket known in the fashion industry, as you can wear it everywhere you want, with anything you like. I personally find it to be youthful, edgy, sporty and extremely modern.

Bomber Jackets Trend For Women 2018 (1)

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Go wild this Summer by wearing these 5 different jackets! In this post, I want to show you what jackets you can wear on the streets if it’s pretty cool this season. You might say I gone crazy by offering you these quite warm layering pieces. Well, you might be right, if the weather was hot outside, but summer this year is quite chilly and we have to think of functional layers to cover our pretty sweet sundresses and lightweight jumpers.

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Fall Season Outerwear 2017

You never know what outerwear can be popular next year. In this blog post, I want to share with you Autumn 2017 outerwear staples for women who want to underline their style. You will need a jacket or coat that can be a nice warmer during chilly days, but it has to be fashionable. In this selection, I tried to gather cool weather appropriate outerwear essentials for women who want to underline their individuality. Get inspired and tell me what is your favorite piece.

Update your Autumn closet with a down coat. Here we see a black colored hooded version embellished with fur. Add printed Uggs and embroidered handbag.

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