1970’s Inspired Fashion Outfit Ideas

We live in a very nostalgic era when every designer brand wants to reinvent past decades. In today’s article, we are going to see 1970’s inspired outfit ideas that are must tries this year. The seventies fashion craze is pretty massive right now and you better know how to make it look good on you. That’s where I come for a help!

1970 Inspired Outfits (1)

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Fabulous Boho Outfit Ideas With Shorts

We all love the bohemian style, but how to make things look creative? In today’s blog post I will draw your attention to fabulous boho outfit ideas you can create with shorts. When I talk about shorts, I mean suede, denim and cotton styles in different colors and prints. Don’t be shy to try one of these outfits for your next night out!

Keep it fun and summery hot! Go for white peasant top, printed blue-white shorts and black gladiator sandals. Complement this combo with a fringed blue suede satchel bag, blue sunglasses, and wide-brim hat.

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