How To Wear Silk Pinstripe Palazzo Pants This Summer

A pair of silk pinstripe palazzo pants ideally matches this shiny silver tank top. Wear this combination during Summer days when you visit Italy. Complete this style with a white Panama hat and white sandals.

How To Wear Silk Pinstripe Palazzo Pants This Summer 2020

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  • 4 thoughts on “How To Wear Silk Pinstripe Palazzo Pants This Summer”

    1. The Palazzo pants – itself is a dramatic, wide piece of clothing. They will look organically with a more modest top without aggravating elements.

    2. The upper part of the clothing needs to be short or to refuel pants, a prerequisite, so it does not interfere Palazzo to accentuate the waist line. It can be a short jacket, a blouse to the waist or a knotted shirt. Goes well with fashionable pants t-shirt or t-shirt, tight blouse, turtleneck, slim jumper.

    3. Palazzo pants look great with sandals on a thin stiletto heel will seem too light shoes. This image is harmoniously complemented by shoes with a more stable heel or wedge. Tall girls can afford ballet flats, but they must be completely covered with Palazzo pants. In this case, you need to be prepared that the bottom of the stylish pants will constantly touch the ground.

    4. Palazzo is a win-win option for creating a modern image. They can be worn on dates, meeting with friends, visiting youth parties and strict offices.

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