How To Wear Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses This Summer

Brighten up your Summer look with these cool oversized cat-eye sunglasses. Try them on with a white linen top with short ruffled sleeves and white asymmetric belted skirt. This simple combo is a perfect choice for hot season days. You definitely should give it a try.

How To Wear Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses This Summer 2020

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  • 3 thoughts on “How To Wear Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses This Summer”

    1. Recently, this form of points is experiencing a Renaissance. Exactly no one knows who first created the frame of this form, but it has become popular in the United States since the forties of the twentieth century. This thick horn-rim has pointed upper corners. In general, we know that this kind of sunglasses is purely made for women. But today, this form is considered acceptable for both men and women. Yes, they do look great with dressy looks, but you still can rock them with casual basics.

    2. I just wanted to add about the face shape. When choosing an accessory you should take into account the appearance of a particular woman. Surprisingly beautiful and unusual glasses cat’s eyes go to the problem square type of face, they are optimally combined with round face shape, appropriate for trapezoidal shape, but can hopelessly spoil the image of a girl with a heart-shaped or triangular face. Some experts believe that this accessory is harmoniously combined with a diamond-shaped face, as with it the combination of a fairly high level of cheekbones with a narrowed area of the chin and forehead looks the most attractive. I believe that for ladies with broadest faces should avoid cat eye sunglasses.

    3. In the beginning, this type of frame was associated with business secretaries. Later, this form was not enough to look exclusively, and under these glasses of unusual shape began to add different decorations. The most common of them — rhinestones, which recreate the Shine of artificial diamonds. Popular as metal inserts, sequins, colorful plastic and all kinds of volumetric effects such as leaves, flowers, grapes. And the most interesting and popular decorative element – “eyebrows”. Later, a number of different relief applications, decorative details, special effects were added, which mainly appeared on the upper corners of the cat’s eye glasses.

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