Can You Wear Beige Draped Trench Coat This Spring

This beige draped trench coat is a good choice for Spring season months. You are free to wear this outerwear piece with work clothes, as well as with casual essentials. Here we see a young lady dressed in a beige trench coat layered over white slip tank top tucked in knee-ripped wash blue slim jeans.

Can You Wear Beige Draped Trench Coat This Spring 2020

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  • 3 thoughts on “Can You Wear Beige Draped Trench Coat This Spring”

    1. You can wear a trench coat With a skirt to work! A trench with a pencil skirt and pumps is a classic combination that will never go out of fashion. Mini-skirt and trench-the perfect combination for the warm season. The trench coat will frame your slender legs, adding romantic notes to the outfit.

    2. Short dress in combination with shoes without heels suitable for every day. Long dress with flat shoes will help to create an airy image in the style of boho. On a date, you can wear a dress with a full skirt, heels and tightly tighten the belt of the trench to get an image in the style of a new look. Sheath dress combined with classic pumps easily fit into the office dress code.

    3. Stiletto heels combined with a trench coat is the height of elegance. These two things must be in your wardrobe, because they are in the blink of an eye will help to transform the image, making it casually chic. Inspiration can be found in Victoria Beckham’s bows. Also with trench can be worn virtually any shoes without heel. Suit loafers, Slippers, oxfords, and even riding boots. Trench fit into the everyday look of lovers of sneakers and those who can not imagine life without high heels. This is an absolutely functional piece of clothing.

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