Can You Wear All Black Clothes In Italy This Summer

Yes, it’s totally okay to wear all black clothes in Italy during the Summer months. Just make sure to complete your look with some bright color accessories, like a pink quilted clutch bag. We see a lovely black tank top tucked in black denim shorts. In love with these rounded sunglasses.

Can You Wear All Black Clothes In Italy This Summer 2020

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  • 3 thoughts on “Can You Wear All Black Clothes In Italy This Summer”

    1. How to make a completely black outfit and look elegant? Stylists brought a few rules.

      1. Mixing fabrics and textures. Black outfit, “made” entirely of cotton, will be faceless, will create the impression that the girl in black wrapped in a theater curtain. Black looks different on different fabrics. You can connect lace, leather, fur, jeans and so on. Then the color will not mix into one spot. The leather jacket is another black classic (aside from the little black dress) – a big save for those who make up an all-black look.

      2. Use color for the benefit of the figure. Black-Slims. And it does it better than all the other colors. It’s worth using. It is better to choose things that will not sit baggy and make the figure shapeless. In General, black things should fit perfectly: hide what needs to be hidden, and emphasize what is worthy of it. Black can make the biggest compliment to the figure.

      3. Do not forget about the accessories and color “spots”. Accessories can be black, but it is good if they stand out against the background of the dress Shine and Shine or pattern. However, more often are used accessories color. One of the bright “spots” that looks beautiful: colored stilettos to an all-black outfit. You can pick up a bright belt or bag juicy color.

      Stylists are advised to change the color of lipstick during the day. Day-light pink or Nude, in the evening-bright red.

      4. Play with shapes. If the outfits of other colors, many do not allow themselves a drop of avant-garde, then be extravagant a little easier. No wonder black is called the absence of color. And if color is “no”, although the forms are more interesting.

      5. Be… neat. Black is for perfectionists. In the sense, that on the black attire visible every speck of. Therefore, choosing a black outfit, you need to remember that today will have to be perfect, no matter what.

    2. What is the difference between a boring outfit in the style of total black and stylish, attracting a lot of attention? First of all, cut and silhouette. Even if you wear classic pants and a jacket with a black shirt, make sure that all these things, at least, perfectly fit you and accentuate all the advantages of your figure. If to speak about bigger-pay attention to shoulders (they can be pointed, slightly increased); use asymmetry (floors of a jacket or a hem of a skirt can be beveled); play with forms and volumes; do not forget about the laces, draperies and other details.

    3. Speaking of bright accents: on the background of pure black dress looks great bright shoes. Therefore, if you caught the eye of shoes or ankle boots in a shade that well does not fit into your wardrobe, feel free to buy, because you can combine bright shoes with total black! Do not forget about the red lipstick, bright handbags, and boldly combine total black with elements of the gray palette – the image will look much easier, and the visual reference to total black will still remain.

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