Can I Wear Cargo Khaki Green Shirt This Summer

Yes, cargo shirts in khaki green are very popular lately. I do recommend to give this shirt a try during hot Summer days. How about teaming it with a white wrap skirt and white saddle bag? It will make you look fresh and bright. Complete this combo by adding a classic metal watch, oversized sunglasses, and stud earrings.

Can I Wear Cargo Khaki Green Shirt This Summer 2020

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    1. Green is one of the brightest, freshest and energetically strong elements in the color scheme. That is why it is so common in the collections of women’s and men’s clothing. One of the most popular items of green in women’s wardrobe is a shirt. They are perfect for creating business, romantic, classic, ethnic and other styles of clothing.

    2. The dark green classic shirt is perfect for creating a strict image. It goes well with straight pants and a pencil skirt. Classic pumps or stiletto heels will complete the resulting elegant look. As jewelry can recommend gold, which is ideal for shirts in different shades of green.

    3. Military style military with the use of clothing, accessories and shoes,reminiscent of the form of soldiers in the images. Army style is so popular in fashion that even evening fashion borrowed its elements.

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