Best Bodysuits To Try With Your Everyday Outfits

A bodysuit is considered to be a convenient element of woman’s wardrobe. It ideally suits for replacing your underwear. In today’s article, I want to bring to your attention my favorite bodysuits that can be worn in many different ways.

A semi-sheer black style can be an ideal piece of clothing to underline your personality and sophistication. Wear it with a flared black skirt, a pair of pointed-toe heeled pumps and draped red blazer.

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Black Blazers: 16 Incredibly Cool Ways To Wear Them Now

Everyone knows what black blazer is. It’s a perfect layering that can be styled in different ways. In today’s blog post I want to share with you incredibly stylish ways how to wear it in real life. You are going to see smart-casual and festive looks that are easy to copy and update with all sort of accessories. I personally like to see women who keep their looks simple by wearing black blazers with casual shirts and basic jeans. Anyway, take a moment to find out best ways how to wear this layering piece on the streets and to special occasions.

If you don’t want to spend much time on your look, then I recommend wearing a classic black suit jacket with a white tank top teamed with washed blue skinny jeans and glossy black leather lace-up flats.

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What Bags Are In Trend This 2017

Every bag has its own history. In today’s article, I’d love to show you my favorite bags you can wear in 2017. All the presented designs are in trend this year, but you can choose whatever color you like. I gathered classic styles, satchels, messenger bags, bucket bags, glamor clutches, as well as many other popular must-tries. Modern fashion pleases us with a wide range of beautiful accessories. Everything depends on your personal taste, as you can either choose a small or a big bag to underline your personality and make it appropriate for work or parties.

An allover flower satchel bag in red color can be worn with neutral color outfits. You can give it a try by teaming with a wool-crepe mini dress in red color. Complete this combo with polka dot leather Mary Jane pumps and cocoon shaped black coat.

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Fall 2017 Casual Fashion Trends

Today’s topic is all your favorite Autumn 2017 casual fashion trends you can give a try. You might say fashion is a volatile thing and you will be right, but every lady has her own style that makes her look unique. I want you to mix up your own style with new clothing trends. This will make you look different and special. In this article, I gathered inspirational outfit ideas that will easily update your wardrobe. Read on to find out more.

When someone wants to try on casual clothes, I recommend her a black shift dress or a sleeveless T-dress. This simple garment looks simple, but it is also a versatile piece that goes with almost anything. If it’s a cold Autumn day, then you can simply cover T-dress with a beige cardigan. Add black leather flat chunky sandals to complete this look.

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How To Wear White Blazers In The Office and In The Streets

If there is one trendy layering piece you should buy this year, then it’s a white blazer. This suit jacket will never lose its relevance. It embodies freshness, festive style, and glamor touches. We see lots of celebrities and fashion bloggers around the world who appear in this beautiful jacket everywhere around on the streets. It’s important to find an appropriate fit that can emphasize only best assets of your body and delicately hide all shortcomings. You can choose a slim-fit blazer or keep things classic in a regular fit design. I prefer to wear elongated white blazers, but you can give a try to shortened versions.

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How To Make Pink Flats Look Awesome On You

In today’s collection, I gathered the best pink color flat shoes you can wear this year without worries of looking misplaced. Flat shoes are considered to be a footwear with a low or no heel at all. In recent times, we see a comeback of flats. Lots of stylists, bloggers enjoy wearing comfortable footwear that is both practical and beautiful. Another great news is that you can wear these shoes with pretty much anything, no matter if you are creating a professional office look or a simple casual outfit for a walk in the town. I highly recommend giving these shoes a try, as you never know how many miles you gonna walks during the day. I personally like to wear flats when I drive my car, it’s incredibly comfortable to press on the pedals.

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What Is Trending In Jeans Fashion 2017

Today’s topic is dedicated to my favorite Jeans are considered to be the basic element of woman’s wardrobe 2017, that’s why it’s no wonder why we see so many amazing styles, cuts and colors everywhere around. This year we see a comeback of slim jeans in classic blue washes, regular fit denim bottoms, classic skinnies with big rips and tears, boho-inspired flares, as well as beautiful frayed styles. In other words saying, classic fit jeans are still popular and they are not going anywhere, so take them out from your closet to pair with your favorite tops, knitwear, and jackets. I recommend to keep your outfit classic and choose jeans in blue or dark blue colors.

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How To Wear Denim Overalls With Shirts

This post is about practical and comfortable denim overalls we can wear on the streets and special occasions. Sometimes we miss something in our everyday looks. This ‘something’ is a stylish detail that makes us stand out from the crowd. That’s where denim overalls come in! This beautiful denim piece works great with anything, starting from classic shirts to casual tees, from heels to sneakers. Today’s fashion includes overalls in loose-fit shape, tight ones, with or without straps, etc. Most women are afraid to buy this garment, because they simply don’t know what to wear with it. The funny thing is that you can pair denim overalls with almost anything, including turtleneck, crop top, lace blouse, sweatshirt, etc.

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What To Wear With Denim Culottes

What will happen if you will mix up denim with culottes? You gonna have denim culottes. This year I see lots of women in a rush buying these bottoms anywhere they can, regardless of their age and body type. Culottes are considered to be shortened wide pants that end up around the mid of your shin. Frankly speaking, the length of these pants varies from below the knee to above the ankle. There are no age restrictions, that’s why they can look awesome on young ladies, as well as on mature women. Thanks to the wide-leg style of these trousers, there will be no problem to emphasize the grace of your legs.

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How To Choose An Appropriate Bohemian Dress

Today I want to share with you beautiful boho style dresses. The ethnic, gypsy and vintage touches can be seen in almost every bohemian gown. This style is characterized by different features, like a relaxed fit, flared sleeves and beautiful accents, like straps or laces. I personally like bohemian frocks completed with creative patterns and ethnic details. Frankly speaking, there is nothing new in bohemian fashion, but I see lots of new colors, prints, and cuts that appear to be modern and ladylike. This year we see lots of roses, Aztec and geometric patterns.

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